War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0328 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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List of these refusing to go to the front December 26, 1862-Continued.


Corpl. Oscar B. Morris.

Bugler Byron O. Camp.

Bugler N. F. Dager.

Private W. T. Babbitt.

Private Amos W. Bacon.

Private William Benner.

Private Jacob A. Bodder.

Private Flavius J. Bowles.

Private William H. Carpenter.

Private W. A. Cummings.

Private Alex. R. Cutler.

Private Harry De Silver.

Private Wesley J. Duncan.

Private George Eckert.

Private George W. Edwards.

Private Solomon Ely.

Private Edward Engle.

Private J. Frank Faucett.

Private Edmund Z. Ferry.

Private Charles H. Fretz.

Private Jacob Fitzwater.

Private Harry H. Geary.

Private Jermiah Gelwicks.

Private W. H. Graff.

Private Charles A. Graver.

Private Alvin Haines.

Private Joseph G. Haines.

Private Daniel Hagey.

Private David Harkinson.

Private John Huey.

Private William M. Johnson.

Private James A. Kenney.

Private Nathan King.

Private Charles McGinley.

Private John McKee.

Private William McMain.

Private Harry Mears.

Private Edward B. Mears.

Private Christian G. Miller.

Private Mickle J. Paul.

Private J. K. Pierce.

Private William De H. Reeder.

Private David S. Rice.

Private Charles Stine.

Private Jonathan Stokes.

Private Edward S. Stuard.

Private Abram Thomas.

Private Joshua Thorne.

Private Joseph Townsend.

Private John C. Wallace.

Private William H. H. Wallace.

Private Jonathan R. Weaver.

Private Thomas D. Willis.

Private Walter Wilson.

Private Ralph Withington, Jr.

Private John M. Zoll, Jr.

Private Joseph Wright.


Corpl. Andrew Wills.

Corpl. H. D. Overholt.

Corpl. J. P. Strebig.

Corpl. C. P. Bechtel.

Corpl. Benjamin Balmer.

Private F. J. Auspach.

Private J. P. Barringer.

Private William Bardsley.

Private William H. Bittle.

Private S. C. Bowman.

Private J. C. Collahan.

Private R. D. Coombs.

Private R. P. Dager.

Private A. G. Davis.

Private William H. Davis.

Private George P. Devlin.

Private M. L. Donohue.

Private William A. Dunlap.

Private Daniel W. Eberly.

Private Samuel L. Ennis.

Private Harry K. Forster.

Private James M. Forster.

Private J. G. Henvis.

Private Walter S. Johnston.

Private Septimus N. Knight.

Private Isaac Leedom.

Private J. R. Locke.

Private Hiram H. Long.

Private George P. Louder.

Private Edward H. Masson.

Private William W. Maurice.

Private John H. Metzlar.

Private Conrad Miller.

Private James A. Murray.

Private George Neil.

Private Daniel W. Oliver.

Private John F. Parker.

Private John R. Pugh.

Private William C. Rogers.

Private William F. Simons.

Private Stephen S. Southard.

Private L. S. Strickler.

Private Henderson Supplee.

Private Jacob A. Swartz.

Private F. P. Tompkins.

Private Thomas B. Tucker.

Private Edward Wheat.

Private Thomas J. Whipkey.

Private Samuel C. Weistling.

Private William Wills.

Private Isaac J. Worrell.

Private William S. Young.


Private Edward Anderson.

Private William A. Hartley.

Private Benjamin Hough.

Private Edwin W. Hough.

Private Francis O'Brien.

Private Paul A. Scheerer.

Private Elwood Wright.