War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0327 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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List of names of those who obeyed orders to go to the front December 26, 1862-Cont'd.

COMPANY L - continued.

Corpl. J. C. Wilson.

Corpl. H. C. Potts.

Corpl. R. A. Olin.

Corpl. C. E. Scheide, paroled.

Private George Ulrich.

Private Joseph Longmire.

Private James Agnew.

Private G. W. S. Allen.

Private C. J. Albright.

Private Benjamin Bartram, paroled.

Private A. Foulkes.

Private Joseph S. Bunting.

Private W. K. Burchinell.

Private R. Beisel.

Private R. Cox.

Private H. J. Chilton.

Private William R. Carlisle.

Private A. B. Garner.

Private George S. Clark.

Private S. Y. Curtis, paroled.

Private H. Camp.

Private C. W. Creager.

Private W. P. Campbell.

Private J. H. Castle.

Private R. Gordon.

Private E. W. Dysart.

Private C. L. Diehl, whounded.

Private J. H. Dunham.

Private J. H. Duncan.

Private H. W. Esbenshade.

Private D. B. Esbenshade.

Private H. B. Eckey, paroled.

Private F. S. Eaton, wounded and since died.

Private O. Edwards.

Private T. Humphrey.

Private J. Hubbell, paroled.

Private W. Hart.

Private L. B. Holt.

Private W. E. Irwin.

Private M. L. Jones, paroled.

Private H. H. Jacobs, paroled.

Private J. Lingerfield, Jr.

Private L. G. Lingle.

Private W. Loan.

Private C. S. Longshore.

Private J. W. Moyer.

Private J. S. Miller.

Private J. G. Marshall, paroled.

Private J. W. Morris.

Private W. H. Morris.

Private J. R. Moore.

Private T. H. MIlls.

Private O. Martin.

Private A. W. Marker.

Private M. Musser.

Private E. L. Mills, paroled.

Private D. McKinney.

Private W. T. Nieman, wounded.

Private W. O'Niel.

Private W. H. Powell, wounded.

Private E. C. Parry.

Private F. J. Quinn.

Private A. H. Robinson, paroled.

Private J. W. Rickards.

Private J. H. Sherts.

Private N. W. Sample.

Private G. H. Shreve.

Private E. T. Stevens.

Private C. S. Sharps.

Private C. H. Smith.

Private J. Torbert.

Private C. T. Wilson, paroled.

Private J. M. Williams.

Private A. D. Wagner.

Private W. Watts.

Private E. P. Williams.

Private I. Weiler, wounded, and since died.

Private S. A. Watson.

Private J. A. B. Williams.

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]

List of those refusing to go to the front December 26, 1862.


Private John Baylis, Jr.

Private Joseph Bontemps.

Private R. J. Birnbaum.

Private Charles P. Boyer.

Private Nathaniel B. Briggs.

Private Thomas S. Booz.

Private Harry Cress.

Private Charles H. Cress.

Private Adrian S. Clark.

Private John E. Creth.

Private John S. Cooper.

Private George W. Earnest.

Private Robert M. Garrett.

Private Aubrey Henry.

Private Lorenzo Hall.

Private Joseph D. Herriott.

Private William H. H. Headley.

Private William H. Johnson.

Private Benjamin F. Keyser.

Private Samuel H. Kneass.

Private Caleb B. Kimber.

Private Henri Lecaron.

Private Jacob M. Larsen.

Private Thomas H. Myers.

Private William H. Musgrove.

Private Thomas C. Moore.

Private Thomas T. Mason.

Private William McClure.

Private William M. Palmer.

Private John Eugene Reed.

Private William Rule.

Private James A. Rothermel.

Private Lewis Selgrade.

Private William F. Staker.

Private J. Harry Stewart.

Private Isaac E. Shallcross.

Private Francis Tack.

Private Warren A. Upham.

Private John E. Wildes.