War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0326 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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List of names of those who obeyed orders to go to the front December 26, 1862-Cont'd.

COMPANY H - continued.

Corpl. William De Bree.

Corpl. J. V. Horn.

Private James M. Adair.

Private William Andrews.

Private Edmund H. Boice.

Private Levi L. Branthover.

Private William L. Bratton.

Private William J. Brown.

Private William N. Crumpton.

Private William H. Crawford.

Private Andrew P. Deemer.

Private George Fisher, prisoner.

Private John V. French.

Private Charles H. Fox.

Private Ezra E. Griffith.

Private Joseph Hilty, wounded.

Private David A. Hunter.

Private Samuel R. Henry.

Private George N. Hoke.

Private John J. Job.

Private David C. Johnson.

Private Jesse Jenkins.

Private Reynold L. Kelly.

Private Anthony R. Kintigh, killed.

Private George C. Laws.

Private Ephraim Lamborn.

Private Benjamin F. Mewhirter.

Private Oliver T. McConnell.

Private William S. Moore, prisoner.

Private Andrew J. Magee.

Private John Pinkerton, prisoner.

Private William H. B. Stewart.

Private John L. B. Sherrick.

Private Samuel C. Stout.

Private William C. Sloan.

Private John G. Scheinle.

Private Samuel Trimble, paroled.

Private Thomas B. Taylor.

Private Alfred Wise.

Private Alfred Woodward.

Private Josiah Warg, paroled.


Captain Braden Hurst.

Lieutenant Roland Seeger.

Sergt. Adam Kramer.

Sergt. Francis P. Drinker, paroled.

Sergt. Eben Allison.

Sergt. Samuel T. Hamilton.

Sergt. Geoffrey P. Denis, missing.

Sergt. Samuel A. Kelsey.

Sergt. Harry Walters.

Corpl. Charles C. Ketler.

Corpl. Jacob H. Isett.

Corpl. Samuel Murphy.

Corpl. David Barnhart.

Private Wilmer H. Baldwin, missing.

Private W. Wallace Borst.

Private John R. Boyer.

Private C. Harry Bradford.

Private John W. Eckman.

Private Robert F. Gant.

Private J. B. Garber, Jr., wounded and missing.

Private J. Willis Hall, missing.

Private Abraham Horn, paroled.

Private Edward E. Lynch, paroled.

Private Arthur P. Lyon.

Private J. W. Miller.

Private Josiah Moats.

Private John Richards, wounded and missing.

Private Thomas Serrill.

Private John Sunday.

Private Webster K. Setzler.

Private Robert Sowersby.

Private John Schanfield.

Private John M. Sease.

Private George Wright.

Bugler J. W. Buttorf.

Bugler A. C. Miller.


Captain J. Randolph Hewitt, wounded.

Sergt. D. C. White.

Sergt. S. S. Bayard.

Sergt. William P. Smith.

Sergt. A. S. Drake, killed.

Sergt. Josiah Turner.

Corpl. R. Worthington.

Corpl. C. Richie.

Corpl. Edward W. Wood.

Corpl. Eli Hewitt.

Bugler William B. Murdock.

Bugler J. F. Gwynn.

Private William Brooks, wounded and since died.

Private A. D. Frankenberry.

Private Jacob Hewitt.

Private Edward Hartzell.

Private A. M. Johns.

Private W. F. Jamison, paroled.

Private James Messenger.

Private James McCormick.

Private J. M. Pyles.

Private William McGeen.

Private Martin Sairk.

Private T. R. Sproat.

Private H. C. Sayers.

Private A. Turner.

Private Bennett Rinehart.


Lieutenant James B. Curtin.

Actg. Lieutenant Robert A. Henderson.

Sergt. Henry McAllester, Jr.

Sergt. Edward Middleton, Jr.

Sergt. H. S. Lingle.

Sergt. Samuel Phillips.

Sergt. S. F. Herring, killed.

Corpl. T. E. Clapp.