War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0325 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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List of names of those who obeyed orders to go to the front December 26, 1862-Cont'd.

COMPANY E - continued.

Private John G. Bourke.

Private Richard W. Chase, killed.

Private William Beverly Chase, paroled.

Private Daniel A. Clark.

Private Albert B. Coleman.

Private James F. Conaway.

Private James H. Cornwell, missing.

Private Hiram P. Eves.

Private Thomas H. Franklin.

Private Edward M. Fullerton.

Private Thomas W. Gitt.

Private Arthur Granger.

Private William H. Hergesheimer.

Private John C. Hirst.

Private Oliver Hough.

Private David F. Howe.

Private Joseph R. Jackson.

Private David C. King.

Private Jacob Kitzmiller.

Private George W. Kinter.

Private Simeon Lord, Jr.

Private Edgar A. Lowe.

Private John K. Marshall.

Private John Meals.

Private Alexander McNair.

Private John McLaughlin.

Private John Moore.

Private William J. Mullin.

Private Francis W. Murphy.

Private George W. Nagle.

Private Horatio N. Oliver.

Private Richard Pancoast, paroled.

Private William F. Pattison.

Private James G. Paxson.

Private William H. Pierce.

Private Joseph Pontius.

Private David Reeseman.

Private Joseph Rue.

Private William G. Shaffer.

Private William H. Small.

Private Beniah C. Snyder.

Private George W. Spencer.

Private Warren Supplee.

Private William Tarr, paroled.

Private David H. Tawney.

Private Augustus Taylor.

Private Lancaster Thomas.

Private Samuel Wampler.

Private James A. Weir.

Private John W. Wierman.

Private James S. Welty.

Private Isaac White.

Private Mahlon H. Williamson, paroled.

Private William Wilson.

Saddler John M. Willard.

Bugler Nicholas F. Weigle.

Blacksmith William F. Bowers.


Lieutenant Charles S. Derland.

Sergt. Frank McCarty.

Corpl. Robert W. Brownlee, paroled.

Private Perley J. Aiken.

Private James F. Boies.

Private Louis B. Cross.

Private James Collins.

Private David Clark.

Private Edward Cornes.

Private Samuel R. Fairchilds.

Private William Heffley.

Private William Long.

Private Joseph S. Overholt.

Private Robert R. Taylor, paroled.

Private Selden L. Wilson.

Private Samuel Weir.


Lieutenant Henry O. Tinstman.

Sergt. Anthony Taylor.

Sergt. Albert T. Clark.

Sergt. James H. Lloyd.

Sergt. Isaiah H. Stratton.

Corpl. Elisha P. Alexander.

Corpl. D. Spencer Bates.

Private William Anderson.

Private Charles E. Beck.

Private D. E. Bigler, paroled.

Private Charles S. Clark.

Private John P. Gemmill.

Private A. R. Godshall.

Private Abram Hartranft.

Private Edward W. Johnson.

Private John B. Johnston.

Private Thomas A. Jones.

Private John B. Kreider.

Private George L. Lang.

Private John A. Laughridge.

Private James F. Murphy.

Private John F. McFarlane.

Private Henry F. Mason.

Private Herbert H. Platt.

Private Edward Patterson, Jr., missing.

Private Milton Ryan.

Private Alexander Ramsey, Jr., missing.

Private Henry B. Riehle.

Private Theophilus H. Smith.

Private Thomas Sale.

Private Hugh Turner.

Private John F. Turner.

Private John B. Wright.

Private George S. Yerks.


Lieutenant A. M. Parker.

Actg. Lieutenant W. G. McClure.

Actg. Lieutenant H. Isett.

Sergt. Oscar W. Vezin.

Sergt. Will J. Currin.

Sergt. Levi Sheffler.

Corpl. W. W. Blackmar.

Corpl. D. H. Hartman.