War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0324 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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List of names of those who obeyed orders to go to the front December f26, 1862-Cont'd.

COMPANY B - continued.

Private Joseph P. Fullerton.

Private John C. Fleming, missing.

Private John M. Gilmour.

Private George F. Headley.

Private Henry D. Hirst.

Private Henry C. Johnson.

Private Nicholas Lennig.

Private Joseph D. Little, missing.

Private Stuart Logan.

Private Edwin M. Mehl.

Private Horatio W. Pharo.

Private Henry E. Roberts.

Private William K. Rile, missing.

Private Josiah C. Reiff.

Private John C. Sinclair, missing.

Private Theodore H. Stauffer.

Private John Tweedale.

Private Charles E. Taylor.

Private H. Clay Williams.

Private William Walsh.

Private Thomas C. Warren.

Private George P. Yocum, paroled.


Captain Alfred Vezin.

Actg. Lieutenant William F. Prosser.

Actg. Lieutenant Christian Musselman.

Actg. Lieutenant Marcelin L. DeCoursey.

Sergt. William H. Kimber, killed.

Sergt. Harry C. Blake.

Sergt. William P. Rockhill, wounded.

Sergt. David Holmes.

Corpl. Annesley N. Morton.

Corpl. Frederick Spang.

Corpl. William F. Colton.

Corpl. Joseph R. Thomas.

Private Henry W. Arnold, missing.

Private J. Wesley Bowen.

Private J. Warrington Caldwell.

Private M. Baldwin Colton, missing.

Private W. B. Crawford.

Private A. B. Cummings.

Private Edward F. Evans, injured.

Private John A. Guldin.

Private P. Stephen Jacoby.

Private Samuel R. Jamison, wounded and prisoner.

Private Henry C. Johnson.

Private Wilfred H. Keely.

Private Joseph R. Lonabaugh.

Private George W. Lukens.

Private Joseph B. Mears.

Private James E. Negus.

Private Frank E. Remont.

Private Frederick Schrack.

Private Edward C. Smith, wounded.

Private Abram G. Spidle.

Private Jacob R. Steinmetz, wounded.

Private Orlando Weikel, killed.


Captain Norman M. Smith.

Actg. Lieutenant Edward Marshall.

Sergt. Charles F. Blight.

Sergt. William H. Wayne.

Sergt. Joseph H. Seal.

Sergt. Samuel G. Burroughs.

Sergt. Harry K. Weand.

Corpl. William M. Field.

Corpl. John D. Lewis.

Bugler Francis J. Koesterer.

Bugler Henry Helling.

Private E. W. Anderson.

Private Frank T. Admas, missing.

Private David R. Connard.

Private Henry G. Dennis.

Private James L. Dunn.

Private Abner Evans.

Private James S. Fenimore.

Private J. W. Johnson.

Private Joshua Johnson.

Private Samuel A. Lewis.

Private Ferdinand G. Link.

Private Harry H. Myers.

Private Smith Newcomer.

Private John Overholt.

Private James E. Reyua.

Private Horatio D. Snyder, missing.

Private John J. Shelmire.

Private Louis A. Stallman.

Private Alfred M. Rihl.

Private Samuel T. Tyson.

Private Harry S. Vandyke.


Lieutenant John W. Jackson.

Actg. Lieutenant Joseph Anderson.

Sergt. Charles M. Betts.

Sergt. George W. Hildebrand.

Sergt. Edward Sellers.

Sergt. William Conard, paroled.

Sergt. John S. Bower.

Corpl. Harry Paschall, missing.

Corpl. Charles H. Kirk.

Corpl. John T. Conaway.

Corpl. Paul Hersh.

Corpl. Joseph T. Sullivan.

Corpl. Adam T. Drinkhouse.

Private William Armstrong.

Private William W. Barnitz.

Private John E. Benner.

Private Howard W. Becker.

Private Samuel C. Black.

Private George W. Bleyler.

Private Charles M. Brough.

Private Henry H. Brough.

Private John E. Browne.

Private George W. Bishop.

Private Andrew J. Buchanan, paroled.