War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0280 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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HDQRS. RIVER DEFENSES, Numbers 9, Numbers 3.

Burnet House, Cincinnati, September 7, 1862.

I. The able- bodied men subject to military duty residing in Mill Creek, Greene, Whitewater, Miami, Storrs, Dlhi, Columbia, Specer, and Anderson townships will assemble forthwith att he most convenient places in their resepctive townships and organize themselves into companies of not less than 100 men each, and organize by electign one cptain, a firzst and second lieutenant, and forthwith forward tothese headuqarters their enrollment and organization, subject to orders from these headquarters, for duty designated in Sepcial ORders, numbers 37, Major General Lewis Wallace, dated September 5, 1862, and published in the Cincinnati Enquirer of this date.

II. Such men as have enrolled in companies already reported to these headuqarters, or in companies authorized by special orders fromtehse headquarters, are excepted fromteh above order (paragraph I), and are recognized as enrolled for this service. The following persons are appointed to execute the above and foregoing orders:

Mill Creek.- J. A. Lakeman, Cumminsville; George M. Herancourt Ernst's Station.

Greene.- Michael Werker, Robert Moore.

Storrs.- James Crson, T. H. Yeatman, and J. L. Woodward.

Whitewater.- A. W. Taber, W. C. Herrider.

Miami.- J. Scott Harrison, W. B. Wamsley.

Columbia.- Northern Precinct, James Peat, Justice Durrell.

Southern and Central Precinct, D. McK. Ong.

Spencer.- Colonel George W. Holmes.

Anderson.- John H. Gerrard, C. H. W. Wolf.


Major, Commanding.



Burnet House, September 7, 1862.

The following- named officers in this sercvice will report themselves to these headuqarters for duty to- morrow (Monday morning) at 9 o'clock without fail. Those who can do so will come moutned for service in the country: Henry Brachman, Colonel John A. Gurley, James Carson, C. D. Johnson ALfred Cook, C. H. W. Wolf, John H. Gerrard, Judge M. H. Tilden, Judge Stallo, Judge James, George Runyan, William Wiswell, Jr., H. R. Corwin, H. Hoffmeister, C. A. How, T. P. Sunders, William J. McAlpine.


Major, Commanding.


COLUMBUS, OHIIO, September 8, 1862.

Mja. General H. G. WRIGHT,

Cincinnati, Ohio:

Your dispatch of last night received.* I will continue to push forward my troops as fast as possible. Sent one regiment yesterday, another will go to- day, and hope to continue at least one each day for eight days. This will exhaust all the arms wehave, but I have reason to expect a supply during the week. Colonels Dan. McCook, of the


*See VOL. XVI, Part II, p. 495.