War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0256 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS, ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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wounded severql, and taken 1 cavarlyman prisoner with his horse. We have now fully opened the blockjade, got entire possession of the gap, and as quick as our trins can get up we will proceed to join General Morgan at Speedwell. The enemy is fiercely contesting our march, and firing upon us fromecvery rock, hill, and timber they can find, but up to this time no da age has been done us. The prisoner we have taken states that they have sent three dispatches- one to Powell; 's Valley, in some place where Ahby is with 1,000 cavalry, and to Clinton, and to Knoxville. At the latter place he says they have 8,000 troops. They are looking every moment for the cavalry to arrive, which, when added to those here, will make 1,800 and that two regiments of infantry are also expected every hour. He says the forces at Knoxville will all come here as soon as they learn our force is coming through at this gap. I shall proceed to m arch to Speedwell, and have no fears of but one thing, and that is the inefficiency of my trasportation. In consewquence of it having to move so slowly the enemy may be able to re- enforce and give me a good deal of touble. By to- morrow morning at least I shall be able to start all my transportation from this gpa, at which place I intend to stay until I get the last wagon up, as its natural position gives me a great deal of srtngth, and I can be able while here to repel any attack that may be made upon me by a gretly ruperior force. If no disaster happens me I shall be able to join you at Speedwell on to- morrow night. Since writing the above I have received a dispatch from Colonel Shelley, who is in advnace, that the enemy is retreating toward WOdeson's Gap, with a view perhaps of flanking me and getting in my rear. I have no report that their forces are over 800. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.



Big Creek Gap, East Tenn., June 13, 1862.


Assistatn Adjutant-General:

On yesterday evening my brigade and train moved through the gap into the Valley road and took up the line of march to Speedwell, intending to join General Morgan last night, but at the end of four miles was overtaken by a courier bearing a d ispatch to return to Big Creek Gap. I immediately returned to the gap. Have my trransportation on top of Cumberland Mountian. My men are in ambush in the gap, the advance near the Valley roa, d awaiting the arrival of General Morgan's forces. I thought it advisable to do so, as it is a very strong position, and would give the enemy a great advantage if reoccupied by them. In passing through the gap into the valley we and considerable skirmishing with the enemy's cavalry, which gave our men a good deal of fun. There were no caasualties on our side. The enemy have lost 3 killed, as reported by a rebel citizen; others wounded, but the nubmer not known accurately. We have succeeded in capturing 3 cavrlrymen and their horses and equipments, 10 stand of arms, divers articles of camp enqiPAGE, blankets, flags, & c. Fromt he best information I can obtain from citizens and our scouts, the enemy is driven beyond Clinch River, where they threatened as they retereted to return with re- enforcements. If they do, and come upon us, we will give them a warm receiption. We are here waiting the arrival of GeenrL Morgan's forces, with the road completeely opened for transportation. I inclose a dispatch which was