War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0239 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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IV. The brigades of the division will be habitually disposed from right to left in order of battle, according to their ordinal designations.

V. Under no circumstances whatever, and on no pretext, must the men be allowed to leave the ranks. That the wounded may be effectually cared for the army must be victorious, and to secure this great result every man capable of fighting must remain at his post. Before going into battle the company musicians and the regimental band, if there be one, will be placed under the command of the regimental medical officers, to aid them, in conjunction with the regular hospital attendants, in bearing from the field the wounded, and giving them such immediate attention and relief as the occasion may permit.

VI. As it may often be necessary in the progress of the war to take batteries of artillery with infantry, the following disposition will be made for this purpose and will in most cases prove successful if boldly and vigorously carried out: The flank companies of a regiment will be deployed as skirmishers, and the remaining companies will be formed in two columns by division at half distance, placed in rear of the flanks of the lines of skirmishers, and the line of skirmishers and two columns will advance as rapidly as possible on the battery, taking care, however, to preserve the order of formation and accuracy and deliberateness of aim on the part of the skirmishers. They must use every endeavor to cut down the gunners at their pieces, and in every way to disable the battery. In most cases of fire of the skirmishers, if properly delivered, will kill or drive off the gunners; but should this result not be thus produced when the advancing line has come within deadly musket-range of the battery, the two columns must pass rapidly around the flanks, promptly deploy, throw in a well-directed cross-fire on the battery, and then rush forward to secure it, finishing the work with the bayonet if necessary. Whenever this movement is made other infantry supports must be held well in hand to sustain the regiment designated to carry the battery.

VII. The habitual position of the division commander will be in the vicinity of the central reserve column in the third line, whence he may overook the whole order of battle and direct the movements. When absent therefrom a staf officer will always be left to give information as to where he may be found.

VIII. These dispositions are ordered for a division of three brigades. Should there be more or less than three, similar arrangements will be made.

By command of Major-General Buell:


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.




Numbers 110.

Saint Louis, April 16, 1862.

* * * *

2. Captain Kidd's Indiana battery, now at Benton Barracks, will immediately proceed to Pittsburg, Tenn., and report to Major-General Halleck. * * *

* * * *

by order of Major-General Halleck:


Assistant Adjutant-General.