War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0238 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., & N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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Field of Shiloh, Tenn., April 15, 1862.

I. The habitual order of battle in each division of the army will be in three lines, arranged as follows:

1. The first line will consist of six regiments in line of battle, two from each brigade, covered by the flank companies of these regiments thrown out as skirmishers. In approaching the enemy, and more particularly when the object is simply to feel him or determine his position, it may often be sufficient to detach one flank company from each of the regiments of the first line. But when the position of the enemy is determined, and more especially when the object is to make a substantive attack, the line of skirmishers should be re-enforced by the other flank companies of a regiment are deployed as skirmishers, they will be commanded by the junior field officer of the regiment. The two regiments of a brigade on the first will be commanded by the brigade commander. He will give orders to and bring into action the regiment of his brigade in the second line whenever the imminence of the danger or other necessity may preclude a reference to the division commander, or whenever the absence of the division commander from his habitual position hereinafter designated may render such reference impracticable. The habitual position of the brigade commanders will be opposite to the interval between their regiments of the first line and about seventy paces in rear of the line.

2. The Second line will consist of three regiments in line of battle, one from each brigade, disposed opposite the intervals between the regiments of the first line, except the division be a flank division, in which case the regiment on the exposed flank in the second line will be in echelon, with its flank extending beyond the flank of the first line, so as to cover and protectit. The second line will be habitually controlled and managed by the division commander, and the regiments will not be withdrawnfrom their position in order of battle without his authority, except in the cases hereinbefore provided for. In open level ground the distance between the first and second lines will be about 370 paces, but when the ground is wooded, or the nature of the surface such as to afford shelter from the fire of the enemy, this distance will be lessened to 200 paces.

3. The third line will consist of three regiments, one from each brigade, formed in double column at half distance, each column placed opposite the interval between the two regiments of the first line of the brigade to which it belongs. The distance between the second and third lines will be about 200 paces in open level ground, but in broken or wooded ground, affording shelter and cover, the distance may be rments in column, constituting more especially the reserve of the division, will be wholly under the orders and control of the division commander.

II. Two of the batteries of the division will be placed habitually in the first line near to the intervals on the right and left of the two regiments of the central brigade, taking such position in that vicinity as may be most favorable to their action. The third battery will be held in reserve, and its position in reserve will be in the vicinity of the regiment in column of the central brigade.

III. The cavalry of the division will habitually remain in reserve in rear of the center of the division when formed in order of battle, sheltered from fire, to await the orders of the division commander, unless some other position and arrangement are especially designated for it.