War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0176 Chapter LXIV. SW., VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., w. FLA.,& N. GA.

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Third. That in order to avert a conflict with our brethren in other parts of the State, and desiring that every constitutional means shall be resorted to for the preservation of peace, we do therefore constitute and appoint O. P. Temple, of Knox; John Netherland, of Hawhins, and James P. McDowell, of Greene, commissioners, whose duty it shall be to prepare a memorial and cause the same to the presented to the General Assembly of Tennessee, now in session, asking its consent that the counties composing East Tennessee, and such counties in Middle Tennessee as desire to co-operate with them, may form and erect a separate State.

Fourth. Desiring in good faith that the General Assembly will graut this our reasonable request, and still claiming the right to determine our own destiny, we do further resolve that an election be held in all the counties of East Tennessee, and in such other counties in Middle Tennessee adjacent thereto as may desire to co-operate with us, for the choise of delegates to represent them in a general convention to be held in the town of Kingston at such time as the president of this convention, or in case of his absence or inability, any one of the vice-presidents, or in like case with them, the secretary of this convention may designate; and the officer so designating the day for the assembling of said convention shall also fix the time for holding the election herein provided for and give reasonable notice thereof.

Fifth. In order to carry out the foregoing resolution, the sheriffs of the different counties are hereby requested to open and hold said election, or cause the same to be so held, in the usual manner and at the usual places of voting, as prescribed by law; and in the event the sheriff of any county should fail or refuse to open and hold said election, or cause the same to be done, the coroner of such county is requested to do so; and should such coroner fail or refuse, then any constable of such county is hereby authorized to open and hold said election or cause the same to be done. And if in any county none of the above-named officers will hold said election, then any juntice of the peace or freeholder in such county is authorized to hold the same or cause it to be done. The officer or other person holding said election shall certify the result to the president of this convention, or to such officer as may have directed the same to be holden, at as early a day thereafter as practicable; and the officer to whom said returns may be made shall open and compare the polls and issue certificates to the delegates elected.

Sixth. That in said convention the several counties shall be represented as follows: The county of Knox shall elect three delegates; the counties of Washington, Greene, and Jefferson two delegates each, and the remaining counties shall each elect one delegate.

Convention adjourned to 2 p. m.


Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

Mr. Deaderick, of Washington, being compelled to return home, was excused from further service on the business committee, and thereupon, on motion of General Arnold, the vacancy was supplied by the appointment of Mr. S. K. N. Patton, of Washington.

Mr. Trigg, from the business committee, reported as follows:

Ordered, That the business committee now serving this convention be continued in existence till the meeting of the convention at Kingston, or until any future meeting of this body, should it again be called together.