War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0172 Chapter LXIV. SW., VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., w. FLA.,& N. GA.

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Convention met at the College building pursuant to adjournment. Mr. Maynard, from the special committee on the basis of voting, &c., submitted the following report:

Resolved, That upon the call of the ayes and noes each county shall be entitled to one vote additional for every 1,000 votes cast in the county at the recent election, and for each fraction exceeding 500, and the secretary be instructed to prepare a scale in conformity with this rule.

Resolved, That for the purpose of facilitating the vote of the convention the members from each county are directed to appoint their own chairman, who shall ascertain and report the sense of the delegation upon any proposition.

Reselved, That the ayes and noes may be called upon any proposition by any five members of the convention.

Resolved, That in debate no county shall be heard but once upon any question by its delegation until every other county desiring to speak shall have been heard.

Resolved, That the call for the previous question shall be sustained by a majority of all the members.

The report was unanimously adopted. Other resolutions were presented and referred to the committee, under the rule. Convention adjourned till 8 o'clock to-morrow morning.



WEDNESDAY, June 19, 1861.

Convention met pursuant to adjournment and was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Holtsinger, of Greene. The convention was addressed at length by several members; and there being no business before it this morning, on motion it adjourned till 2 p. m.


Convention met at 2 o'clock. Mr. Trigg, of Knox, from the business committee, submitted their report at length. Mr. Temple, of Knox, presented a series of resolutions and gave notice that he would offer them as a substitute for part of the committee's report. After considerable debate, participated in by Messrs. Baxter, Havis, Cliff, Brown, Myers, Swan, Thornburgh, Arnold, Carter, Temple, and others, on motion the substitute and the first resolution of the committee were referred back to the committee for a further report to-morrow morning. Convention adjourned till 8 a. m. to-morrow.



THURSDAY, June 20, 1861.

Convention met at the usual hour and was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Milburn, of Greene. Mr. Murphy, of Johnson, offered a resolution restricting debate, which after amendment was adopted, as follows:

Resolved, That no member of this convention except the chairman of the committee whose report may be under consideration shall be permitted to speak longer than fifteen minutes on any one proposition, unless allowed to proceed by the convention.