War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0171 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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James P. Swann, of Jefferson; Samuel Pickens, of Sevier; Charles L. Barton, of Hancock; W. T. Dowell, of Blount; William Heiskell, of Monroe; W. B. Staley, of Roane; D. C. Trewhitt, of Hamilton; R. m. Edwards, of Bradley; J. Stonecipher, of Morgan; L. C. Honk, of Anderson; W. G. Brownlow, of Marion (alternate); L. A. Cooper, of Campbell; G. W. Bridges, of McMinn; T. J. Matthews, of Meigs; R. K. Byrd, of Cumberland (alternate); William M Biggs, of Polk; J. G. Spears, of Bledsoe; E. E. Jones, of Claiborne; Issac Bayless, of Uniion; H. G. Lea, of Grainger; P. Easterly, of Cocke; S. C. Honeycutt, of Scott (alternate); E. S. Langley, of Fentress (alternate).

On motion, Messrs. R. Johnson, Britton, Rankin, McDowell, and Vance, of Greene, were appointed as a committee to provide for the convenience and comfort of the convention during its session. And then, on motion of Fleming, of Knox, the convention adjourned till 8 o'clock to-night.


Convention met at the court-house pursuant to adjournment. On motion of Mr. Netherland, of Hawkins, it was ordered that all resolutions and documents offered to the convention should be first read and then referred to the committee on business without debate. Various propositions were offered and referred to the committee under the rule. Mr. Fleming, of Knox, offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the members of the State Legislature now in attendance upon the convention be, and they are hereby requested to remain with us until final and decisive action has been had by the convention.

Under the suspension of the rule the resolution was unanimously adopted.

On motion of Mr. Bunker, of Knox, the convention adjourned till 8 o'clock to-morrow morning.



TUESDAY, June 18.

The convention met in the grove, pursuant to adjournment, and was opened with prayer by Rev. Mr. Dobson, of Greene.

On motion of Mr. Butler, of Johnson, a general committee was appointed by the president to raise funds to defray the incidental expenses of the convention. The following gentlemen constituted said committee:

Messrs. Houk, of Anderson; Spears, of Bledsoe; Kirkpatrick, of Blount; Cooper, of Campbell; Stover, of Carter; Butler, of Johnson; Inman, of Cocke; Sewell, of Claiborne; James of Grainger; Crawford, of Greene; A. A. Kyle, of Hawkins; Barton, of Hancock; Meek, of Jefferson; Jackson, of Knox; Franklin, of Monroe; Melton, of Morgan; McGaughey, of McMinn; Matthews, of Meigs; Copeland, of Polk; Shelley, of Roane; Alexander, of Sevier; Netherland, of Sullivan; West, of Washington; Thornburgh, of Union.

On motion of Honorable Horace Maynard, of Knox, it was ordered that a committee of five be appointed by the Chair to report to the convention a basis of voting and all necessary rules of debate. The following were appointed on said committee:

Maynard, of Knox; Maxwell, of Washington; A. Tipton, of Carter; Alexander, of Roane; White, of Hawkins.

Various resolutions were presented and referred to the committee under the rule. Convention adjourned till 2 p. m.