War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0170 Chapter LXIV. SW., VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., w. FLA.,& N. GA.

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Sevier.-John Caldwell, J. Cate, H. Mount, J. H. Caldwell, John Douglas, J. K. Franklin, L. D. Alexander, E. Hodges, D. McCroskey, Sam. Pickens, J. T. Havis, R. H. Hodsden, D. M. Ray, J. C. Murphey, Wilson Duggan, C. Inman, Rev. James Cummings, F. L. Emmert.

Sullivan.-J. Shewalter, J. Lynn, G. R. Netherland, J. Hughes, Dr. R. L. Stanford.

Washington.-C. A. Eames, J. F. Mahoney, J. Slack, S. K. N. Patton, C. Bashor, A. Kibbler, E. H. West, W. H. Maxwell, A. J. Brown, S. T. Logan, Dr. W. Smith, J. A. Estes, Dr. R. H. Palmer, E. Keezel, Dr. R. B. McCall, G. W. Nelson, E. S. Harvey, A. Hoss, Dr. J. W. Hartman, J. Yerger, W. Slemmons, W. M. Reese, A. B. Tadlock, J. W. Deaderick, G. W. Wilson, J. Biddle, H. Pressnel, R. L. Gillespie, T. S. Gillespie, John Pennybaker, R. M. McKee, D. M. McFall, E. W. Oughbrough, J. W. Ellis, W. Glaze, S. West, M. H. Clark, E. S. Matthews, D. Onk, T. A. R. Nelson, P. H. Grisham.

Union.-J. W. Thornburgh, Isaac Bayless, M. V. Nash.

Fentress.-E. S. Langley (alternate).

On motion of G. W. Bridges, of McMinn, Mr. E. S. Langley, who appreared as an alternate delegate from the county of Fentress in Middle Tennessee, was admitted to a seat in the convention. The deliberations of the convention were then opened with prayer by Rev. James Cummings, of Sevier, as follows:

Almighty God! our great Creator, our kind Preserver, and our gracious Redeemer, we have assembled here at the request of our fellowcitizens, as Thou knowest, for the purpose of exchanging our views respecting the evils which have been brought upon our country by those who are endeavoring to destroy our Government under which we as a nation have so wonderfully prospered. But being aware of our shortsightedness and liability to err, we would hombly and earnestly implore the enlightenings of Thy Holy Spirit that we may be able to accomplish the object for which we were chosen, in the best possible manner. And oh, Divine Sovereign of the universe, we pray Thee to defeat those who are endeavoring to break up our inestimable Government and sustain and relieve those who are now deprived of their constitutional privileges. We have to acknowledge that as a nation we have not appreciated our civil and religious privileges, but have abused Thy goodness. But we would meekly importune Thee, our Heavenly Farther, to pardon our national sins, allay the fierce and hostile excitement that prevails in many sections of our country, suppress the further shedding of blood in civil war. Grant, we beseech Thee, O. Lord, that we may again become a united people, secured in the enjoyment of our former inestimable civil and religious privileges and to Thy great and glorious name, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, we will ascribe present and everlasting praises. Amen.

On motion of Mr. Maxwell, of Washington, the members of the business committee appointed at the Knoxville session of this convention were retained upon said committee, so far as they are now in attendance, and upon the same motion it was ordesident, by appointment, supply any vacancies that may appear upon said committee.

Mr. Kyle, of Hawkins, asked that Honorable John Netherland be substituted in his place on the committee. Mr. Logan, of Washington, asked that J. W. Deaderick be substituted for him. The committee thus constituted stands as follows:

C. F. Trigg, of Knox; A. D. Smith, of Johnson; W. B. Carter, of Carter; J. W. Deaderick, of Washington; James P. McDowell, of Greene; R. L. Stanford, of Sullivan; John Netherland, of Hawkins;