War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0152 Chapter LXIV. SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., w. FLA.,& N. GA.

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Hugh Mynatt, T. W. Carnes, Henry Chiles, Joseph Hubbs, William Sharp, R. B. Gibbs, H. Clapp, R. G. Mynatt, George Cooper, Colonel Mynatt, P. Rutherford, H. D. C. Mynatt, A. K. Mynatt, William Clapp, F. Coram, C. H. Baker, John Letsinger, Jesse Stubbs, James Hartley, W. E. Hedgcock, John Devers, W. G. Brownlow, John Baxter, O. P. Temple, William Beard, J. C. S. McDannel, John M. Fleming, C. F. Trigg, Dr. William A. Rodgers, John J. Craig, Robert Craighead, S. R. Rodgers, Andrew Knott, Thomas J. White, John Luttrell, Martin Yarnall, T. W. Brown, James D. Bell, R. M. Bell, Wilson Groaner, J. O. Gentry, John Wood, John M. Brown, R. H. Wood, Calvin Wood, R. A. York, J. S. Bell, F. A. Armstrtt, John Brown, Samuel McCammon, Frederick Rule, A. P. Rambo, James Tarwater.

Grainger County. - James James, John Brooks, Harmon G. Lea, D. C. Senter.

Marion County. - W. G. Brownlow (proxy).

Hancock County. - W. G. Kyle, W. G. Brownlow (proxies).

Sevier County. - J. C. Murphey, R. M. Creswell, J. T. Havis, Wilson Duggan, Lem. Duggan, Sam. Pickens, David Keener, Rev. James Cummings, D. M. Ray, William Catlett, D. McCroskey, Dr. R. H. Hodsden, Alexander McBath, Harvey Cowan, E. H. Williams, John H. Caldwell, William Petty, Isaac Russell, J. K. Franklin, Edmond Hodges.

Blount County. - Rev. W. T. Dowell, Rev. J. S. Craig, James Henry, J. M. Heiskell, H. Foster, Spencer Henry, Sanders Leeper, John Trew, S. F. Bell, A. Kirkpatrick, Robert Pickens, W. L. Dearing, John Godfrey, Stephan Mathews, John Jackson, Thomas Pickens, Henry Brakebill, W. A. Hunter, S. C. Flannigan, David Goddard, W. H. Cunningham, M. McTeer, Lavater Wear, Jefferson Kidd, Ed. Kidd, William Goddard, Solomon Farmer, Fleming Mays, Andrew McBath, Henry Hammel, Alex. Kennedy, James H. Walker, James H. Rowan, Robert Eagleton, G. W. Hutsell Isaac Hinds.

On motion of S. R. Rodgers, esq., of Knox, the temporary president was directed to appoint a committee of five to report officers for the permanent organization of the convention. The president appointed as said committee Messrs. S. R. Rodgers, of Knox; John McGaughey, of McMinn; A. Hoss, of Washington; Alexander Kennedy, of Blount, and David Hart, of Campbell, who, having retired a short time, reported the following as permanent officers:

President, Honorable T. A. R. Nelson, of Washington County; vice-president, Colonel J. G. Spears, of Bledsoe; assistant vice-presidents, R. D. Wheeler, of Campbell; J. C. Murphey, of Sevier; Dr. M. R. May, of McMinn; John Williams, of Knox; William Heiskell, of Monroe. Principal secretary, John M. Fleming, of Knox; assistant secretaries, A. L. Greene, of Roane; S. P. Doss, of Bledsoe, and J. M. Meek, of Jefferson.

The report of the committee was adopted by acclamation. By appointment of the chair the president elected was escorted to the stand by Messrs. S. R. Rodgers and C. F. Trigg. Before taking his seat the president addressed the convention in a speech of more than an hour's length, in which he forcibly reviewed the history of the revolutionary movement now convulsing the country and exposed with masterly ability the usurpations of the Governor of Tennessee and the unconstitutional acts of the recent extra session of our Legislature, and closed with an earnest and eloquent appeal to the members of the convention to discharge their responsible duties with calmness and firmness, to submit to no wanton tyranny, and to acquiesce in the will of the people, if constitutionally and legally expressed.