War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0150 SW. VA., KY., TENN., MISS., ALA., W. FLA., &. N. GA. Chapter LXIV.

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here to-day to consult concerning the public welfare. Give them the spirit of wisdom and counsel and undestanding; indicate tothem the path of duty, and grant them courage and fidelity to follow it. Bless us all in the various relations of life. Forgive us our sins and enable us so to pass through the things that are temporal that we finally lose not but attain the things that the eternal, and may reach by Thy grace that heavenly kingdom which Thou hast prepared for Thy fithful people. All which we ask in the name and for the sake of Thy Son Jesus Christ, our only mediator and advocate.

On motion of William Heiskell, esq., of Monroe, the roll of counties in East Tennessee was called by the secretary, and the following delegates reported themselves in attendance:


Bledsoe County.-Dr. William S. Findlay, J. G. Spears, S. P. Doss, J. W. McReynolds.

Polk County.-J. M. McCleary.

Bradley County.-S. Beard, R. M. Edwards, John McPherson, J. L. Kirby, C. D. Champion, J. S. Bradord, C. T. Hardwick, A. A. Clingan, S. P. Gaut, T. L. Cate, Dr. J. M. Campbell, J. N. Dunn.

Hamilton County.-Monroe Masterson, Wilson Hixson, A. Selser, J. G. Thomas, I. C. Rogers, J. D. Blackford, J. D. Kenner, D. C. Trewhitt, J. F. Early, F. G. Blacknall, Peter Mounger, A. W. McDaniel, A. M. Cate, G. O. Cate, J. A. Matthews, John Anderson, P. L. Matthews, William Denny, A. A. Pearson, William Clift, R. C. McRee, E. M. Cleaveland, William Crutchfield, R. Hall.

Morgan County.-B. T. Staples, J. M. Melton, Jessee Stonecipher, M. Stephens, S. C. Honeycutt, E. Langley.

Jefferson County.-J. P. Swann, J. M. Bewley, W. A. Haun, Dr. Samuel Anderson, Joel Johsnon, William Jones, William McFarland, William Dick, Doctor Cawood, J. Monroe Meek, Wiley Foust, Dr. A. A. Cadwell, L. F. Leeper, John Tate.

Cocke County.-P. H. Easterly, J. W. Clarke.

Monroe County.-W. H. Dawson, William M. Smith, William Heiskell, Sam. M. Johnson, J. R. Robinson, Dr. B. Franklin, A. W. Cozart, I. C. Brown.

Cumberland County.-A. C. Yates, F. Kindred.

Roane County.-J. W. Bowman, R. W. Boyd, George Littleton, W. L. Goldston, J. I. Dale, M. Rose, R. K. Byrd, J. T. Shelley, T. Russel, E. D. Hoss, W. M. Alexander, John Hays, D. F. Harrison, J. W. Wester, Joseph B. Martin, W. S. Patton, G. W. Easter, Isaac A. Clark, John Womble, Samuel Williams, Reuben Davis, L. M. Wester, T. F. Carter, William H. Selvidge, T. J. Tipton, Wesley Harwell, E. W. Brazeale, J. J. West, T. J. Mason, Jo. Anderson, William Lowry, A. L. Greene, F. Young, J. Y. Smith, C. C. Wester, James H. Johnston, J. W. Atkisson, John De Armond, P. I. Deremus, William Clark, F. M. Wylie, William E. Pope, Samuel L. Childress, W. P. Rose, T. T. Coffin, F. Bales, J. O. Hays, E. S. Clarke.

Claiborne County.-E. E. Jones.

Campbell County.-Joseph Hatmaker, R. D. Wheeler, David Hart, Joseph Cooper, George Bowling, John Neader, William Robbins, John Jones, William Carey, J. L. Keeny.

Carter County.-Abram Tipton, C. P. Toncray, Daniel L. Stover, John W. Cameron, J. P. T. Carter.