War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0131 Chapter LXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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my use and for Major Sibley's use. If a train comes it will be sent to meet Major Sibley and expedite his movement. Our property is already on board the steamer Mustang, and we need no train.

I am, most respectfully, major, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel Third Infantry, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 5.]

FORT BROWN, TEX., March 4, 1861.


SIR: I have the honor to deliver for your immediate action, and for transfer to the senior with the detachment to embark on the steamer Daniel Webster, now at Braxos Santiago, the orders for the removal of the artillery from Texas, which orders indicate infantry may embark on the same vessel. By the authority and in the name of the General-in-Chief I call uipon you to hold in readiness to embark with the artillery the two companies of the Third Infantry now at hand. If possible to take it, another company will be ordered on board. The security of this post until all the troops moving there shall be ready to embark will alone, under existing circumstancs, cause this infantry or a portion of it to be left here. For reasons of which the demand will indicate the necessity, especially when known that the steamer is not very capacious and was not chartered to carry so large a command, I have to insit: First. That beyond the batteires, arms, ammunition, &c., all surplus public material and company luggage be left behind, to be disposed of under future orders or carried off for these companies by the other troops. Second. That the men go on board with five days' cooked provisions and canteens filled, about two days' hard bread, and other parts of the ration may be supplied from the stores on board. Third. That before the troops, the batteries be sent oin board and as much of the luggage as possible, and when prepared the troops embarked as rapidly as possible. I have quartermaster's funds (specie on board ship and deposit in New York) to defray the expenses of transportation, and will transfer them to your quartermaster as they may be required, and also leave some here on my departure.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

[Inclosure Numbers 6.]

FORT BROWN, TEX., March 9, 1861.

Major W. H. FRENCH,

Commanding Battalion First and Second Arty., Fort Brown, Tex.:

SIR: I have the honor to inform you that the steamer Daniel Webster lies of Brazos Santiago prepared, except with a supply of water, to receive your command. Water will be sent by the first steamer communicating, which will be the one taking a battery. I am directed to take on board as many infantry as the steamer can carry to Key West, and have caused to be held in readiness the two companies of infantry now here. I desire these companies to embark with you, and also a third company if it arrives in time to cause no delay, unless the future commander shall reuqire them to remain to secure this post and the supplies needed for the troops en route to it until all are ready to embark. The ship will necessarily be crowded for three to four days, but, if the suggestions in my letter of the 4th instant to the post commander be carried out, much inconvenience will be avoided. I inclose