War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0048 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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1861, and asked their advice: Advised unanimously to approve the nomination. Under an ordinance of convention this day adopted the Governor submitted the nomination of the convention, and was subsequently informed that the nomination was confirmend by the convention. Ordered that the adjutant-general issue his commission.

* * * * * * *



SATURDAY, April 27, 1861.*

Present, a full council.

The Governor submitted for advice information communicated by Mr. Alfred M. Barbour that there is a person named Ball at Harper, &c., and who can, he believes, construct bullet and cap machines, of which the State is in so much need: Advised unanimously that the Governor empower A. M. Barbor, esq., to organize a body of artificers, with Mr. Ball and other skillful master armorers, and that so much of the machinery of the Harper's Ferry Armory as may be required for these objects be appropriated by Mr. Barbour for this purpose and be sent to Richmond immediately.

A communication from S. C. Robinson to the colonel of ordnance withdrawing his proposal to furnish 3,000 army of navy pistols, of Whitney patter, to be delivered in part within 60 and 120 days. at $18 each, and now proposing to make them at $20 each, deliverable in the same time: Advised uananimously that the proposition now made be acepted.

A communication from Volusko Vaiden, first major Thirty-second Regiment, New Kent County, wishing to know whoat must be done with the schooner E. H. Parker, loaded with wood in Chickahominy River, which has been taken possession of by Quartermaster Isaac H. Chirstian; referring also to two pieces of cannon and fifty stand of arms granted to a private individual: Advised unanimously that under the proclamation of the Governor the vessel should be released. With respect to the arms, if held by unauthorized persons, they should be taken charge of by the colonel of the regiment and a report of their number and condition immediately made to the adjutant-general.

A communication from J. L. Morrow, superintendent of telegraph Richmond and Danville Raiload, mentioning the ordinace of convention authorizing the building of a telegraph line to York River and proposing to buil the line: Advised unanimously line to York River and proposing to build the line: Advised unanimously that by the advice of councel of the 25th instant the Governor was advice will be given.

Communication from Thomas T. Cropper to Captain Maury, on which the Governor asks advice. Mr. Croper says that, being perfectly acquainted with the coast and bay, he has no doubt he could purchase in the North and bring safely here arms, caps, cap machine, &c: Advised unanimously that a confidential agent be employed to procure, for the immediate use of the State, percussion caps, a cap machine, and also one for bullets, or any of them, with the assurance that when they are delivered to any authorized agent of the State, within the limits of the State, a liberal compesation will be allowed.


* From proceedings of the Advisory Council of the State of Virginia.