War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0039 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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[Second indorsement.]

The opportunity is not deemed safe.

[R. E. LEE.]


MONTGOMERY, April 26, 1861.

Honorable A. H. STEPHENS,

Richmond, Va.:

Mr. Pryor was furnished with a copy our law providing forthe public defense. Under this law the regiments elect their own officers. I told them when here that such as Virginia would supply would be through Governor Letcher upon requisition. He must therefore arrange with Governor Letcher. The military force of Virginia has been placed at the disposal of the President, and I have telegraphed Governor Letcher to know of what this force consists and at what points it is being rendezvoused. Until he replies I can give no special orders. The troops from the Confederate States are ordered to renezvous at Lynchburg and Richmond.





Mr. Stephens said to a promitent gentleman [that] Presidnet Davis was not coming. Causes dissatisfaction, because expected his presence would inspire confidence. Leaked out proposition made from Washinggon to convention. Troops murmuring; they have not the confidence in Lee they have in Davis. Unino men favor temproizing. William C. Rives believes in settlement without collision. Lee dwelt on enthusiasm North and against aggression from us. Is our cause not in danger of demoralization? Pryor agress with Tyler that President Davis' presence is essential. I have for Alexandria to-morrow, then Norfolk and Baltimore, which are the points Tyler said to me a moment since proposition were coming from third parties.

[2.] D. G. DUNCAN.

RICHMOND, April 26, 1861.

(Received 7 p. m.)


Have conversed with General Robert E. Lee. He wishes to repress enthusiasm of our people. His troops not ready; although pouring in every hour, they remain here. General Cocke has 300, and no more. Corps of observation on Potomac near Alexandria. He considers Maryland helpless, needing encouragement and succor. Believes 20,000 men in and near Washington. New York furnishing Government large sums money. Astor reported offered $10,000,000.

[2.] D. G. DUNCAN.

WHEELING, VA., April 26, 1861.


Governor of Virginia:

SIR: I have this moment learned that Major-General Haymond, of Marion County, contemplates asking that the State shall send arms,