War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0038 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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hurriedly and without their ranks full. Captain Jo. Desha, Captain J. D. Pope, Captain J. B. Harvey, and Captain Lapaille left for Nashville this afternoon with about 300 men. Captain Crossland and Captain Bowman will meet me there with about 180 more. The other companies will follow, as they were not ready and have been disorganized temporarily by the fright cast over our people of and invasion apprehended from Cincinnati. Cairo, and Indianspolis. As the Governor could not respond to your call from motives of policy, I have done so individually, and the Confederate flag floated gaily to the breeze as may men this evening marched through our strees, thouslands applaunding and wawing them on. As of necessity in thus hurriedly, at a moment's notice, moving a body of men, I shall not profess to supply them with articles which are nececcary for troops, but will content myself with uniforming as may as possible and supplying them with the actual necessities. Having to do all this individually, and money in such times as these being very hard to procure, I shall exercise due economy, and think that you will find my men less expensive than any other detachment which is enrolled. I shall remain in Nashville, where I go on Saturday with the straggles left this evening, for a few days, so that I can go to Virginia with the Tennessee troops. I expect my detachment, when leaving Nashville, to number about 600 men, and the remainder will following me as quickly afterward as the respective companies can be prepared. I presume that you will give derections to the proper officers in Virginia in regard to furnishing my men with proper arms and equipments.

I have the honor to be, yours, truly,



FREDERICKSBURG, [April 25, 1861.]

His Exellency Governor LETCHER:

The steamer Logan, now here, would have been deained by the but for your porclamation. The agents say that if she goes to Baltimore she will not return. It is sary that I should have this steamer on the Rappahannock. She leaves at 4 a. m. to-morrow for Baltimore. I advise that she be chartered by the State. I have also at the wharf a Northern vessels loaded with corn for New York. Shall the corn be detained? I await your instructions.




NORFOLK, April 25, 1861.

Captain A. B. FAIRFAX:

(Care Honorable Secretary of Committee.)

Opportunity presents of sending a few heavy guns to the Potomac. Ascertain if desired, and to what point they shall be sent.

By order:



[First indorsement.]

The within dispatch is referred to General Lee, who will reply.

By order of the Governor: