War of the Rebellion: Serial 109 Page 0024 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W.,& W. VA.

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RICHMOND, April 22, 1861.

President DAVIS:

Arived here this morning. Shall meet the convention in closed doors to-morrow at 1 o'clock. Harper's Ferry in our own hands. Arsenal, containing 16,000 arms, blown up by U. S. forces; 4,000 or 5,000 saved. Best guns, all machinery of value, estimated at $2,000,000, saved. Gosport navy-yeard burned and evacuated by the enemy; 2,500 guns, artillery and orndnance, saved, and 3,000 barrels of powder; also large supply of caps, and shells loaded, with the Bormann fuse attached. Yard not so much injured as supposed. Merrimac, Germantown, and Dolphin sunk; Cumberland escaped. Only portion of Massachusetts regiment reached Washington; 10,000 troops of Baltimore. Governor Hicks with United States [sic], General Steuart, or Maryland, ask aid. Governor Letcher has ordered 1,000 of guns at Harper's Ferry to be sent to him. The South Carolina regiment will come here. Goveronor Letcher this morning issued proclamation ordering 5,000 infantry and rifles to rendezvous immediately on railrad. Plenty awaiting a commander-in-chief. Colonel Rogert E. Lee is expected to-day, ad is looked to as the commander. All the navy officers of Virginia have resigned andtendered services to the State. Governor Letcher got a card on Saturday, sent from Gordonsville, pruporting to be from Mr. Benjamin, sauing you would be here Wendesday, and is of course bogus.



RICHMOND, VA., april 22, 1861.


President of the Confederate States of America:

I am directed by the Governor to inform you that Colonel Lee is here. The Governor has sent in his nomintion as commander of the land and naval forces of Virginia, with rank of major-general. Nomination will be confirmed. Heavy ordnance from Nortfolk ordered here for coast defence and for purposed of co-operating with you.


Secretary of State.


RICHMOND, VA., April 22, 1861.

Honorable R. TOOMBS:

Dispathces just received from agent of Governor Letcher, stating that dispatchs have just been from General Steuart, in command of troops at Baltimore, stating that 3,000 are in camp ten miles from Baltimore, waiting re-enforcements before proceeding to Washington. Baltimore is almost bare of amrs and asks the loan of them from Virginia. The Governor has ordered them to be furnished from Harper's Ferry. I will communicate later what help you can give the city. Richmond was thrown into consternation yesterday by a dispatch stating that the Pawnee was coming up the James River to destroy the powder taken at Norfolk and to destroy the cannon foundry. Troops, with a battery, were sent down the river, where they now are, but the report is considered false.