War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 1281 Chapter LXIII. MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS, ETC.

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Name and rank. Company. Regiment.

Third Brigade, Colonel S.

B. Hayman - Continued.

Sergt. Herman Q. Mason. E 17th Maine


Sergt. A. S. Dyer. E Do.

Corpl. George F. Small. E Do.

Private Charles Greely. E Do.

Sergt. Wellington Hobbs. F Do.

Corpl. Austin Hanson. F Do.

Private Henry Day, Jr. F Do.

Private Charles D. Noble. F Do.

Corpl. Jeremy P. Wyman. G Do.

Private James R. Robinson. G Do.

Private George A. G Do.


Private A. L. Dunnell. G Do.

Sergt. George A. Whiddin. H Do.

Sergt. S. P. Hart. H Do.

Sergt. J. S. Loring. H Do.

Private M. P. Leary. H Do.

Corpl. John W. Kendrick. I Do.

Private D. A. Wentworth. I Do.

Private John H. Simpson. I Do.

Private A. J. Harmon. I Do.

Sergt. Isaac O. Parker. K Do.

Private E. G. Parker. K Do.

Private F. A. Butland. K Do.

Private G. J. Strout. K Do.

Q. M. Sergt. James B. ... 27th New York

Shepard. Volunteers.

Sergt. David Meskill. Pioneers. Do.

Sergt. Samuel B. Wilson. A Do.

Sergt. John O'Connell. A Do.

Sergt. John Donovan. A Do.

Corpl. Lawrence Cahill. A Do.

Sergt. Thomas Feehay. B Do.

Sergt. John Doherty. B Do.

Corpl. Patrick Sheehan. B Do.

Private Walter Gladson. B Do.

Sergt. John Collins. C Do.

Sergt. Daniel J. Kelly. C Do.

Sergt. John F. Morton. C Do.

Sergt. Peter Moran. C Do.

Sergt. Charles Foley. D Do.

Corpl. Owen Gorman. D Do.

Corpl. James Cosgrove. D Do.

Private Cornelius Driscoll. D Do.

Sergt. Patrick Cooney. E Do.

Corpl. James Reddy. E Do.

Private Anthony Smith. E Do.

Sergt. Michael Cuddihy. F Do.

Corpl. Michael Duffy. F Do.

Private Patrick Gilespie. F Do.

Sergt. Hugh Murphy. G Do.

Sergt. John Broderick. G Do.

Sergt. James McManus. G Do.

Private Patrick Stackpole. G Do.

Sergt. Harmon E. Wentworth. H Do.

Corpl. Conrad Snyder. H Do.

Private John D. Lyons. H Do.

Private Jacob Albrecht. H Do.

Sergt. Clark C. Foster. I Do.

Sergt. James D. Andrews. I Do.

Sergt. Charles Lattin. I Do.

Sergt. Julius C. Schultz. I Do.

Sergt. John McCarthy. K Do.

Sergt. Timothy Sillan. K Do.

Sergt. Thomas Murray. K Do.

Corpl. John Maden. K Do.

Battery E, First Rhode

Island Artillery, First

Lieutenant P. S. Jastram.

Private William Torpy. ...

Private John McAleis. ...

Private Martin Harvey. ...

An official copy of this order will be given to each soldier entitled to wear the cross.


Brigadier-General of Volunteers, Commanding Division.


81 R R - VOL LI, PT I