War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 1277 Chapter LXIII. MISCELLANEOUS REPORTS, ETC.

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Name and rank. Company. Regiment.

First Brigade, Colonel A.

H. Tippin - continued.

Private William D. Kane. G 105th Pennsylvania


Private Thomas McRea. H Do.

Private Robert Reverly. H Do.

Sergt. Oliver C. Redick. I Do.

Sergt. Jos. Kinnier. I Do.

Sergt. James Miller. K Do.

Private George J. Reed. K Do.

Sergt. Major Joseph G. ... 141st Pennsylvania

Fell. Volunteers.

Sergt. Edwin M. White. A Do.

Private Benjamin A. A Do.


Private Edwin Lee. A Do.

Corpl. Josiah A. Bosworth. B Do.

Private Isaac Potter. B Do.

Corpl. Charles Scott. C Do.

Private G. W. Fell. C Do.

Private Selden Worth. C Do.

Sergt. David C. Palmer. D Do.

Corpl. Morton Berry. D Do.

Private Jacob W. Palmer. H Do.

Private John Stockholm. H Do.

Private Joseph McShurd. H Do.

Sergt. S. S. Hager. F Do.

Private A. J. Baldwin. F Do.

Private O. A. Oakley. F Do.

Sergt. James N. G Do.


Private Marcus C. G Do.


Private William O. F Do.


Corpl. Archibald Sinclair. K Do.

Corpl. John N. Dunham. I Do.

Private Alfred Albee. I Do.

Corpl. James B. Ellsworth. I Do.

Private James M. Buch. E Do.

Corpl. George Gibson. A 63rd Pennsylvania


Corpl. Isaac McKeng. A Do.

Sergt. David Strachan. B Do.

Corpl. George F. House. B Do.

Sergt. Henry Kelly. C Do.

Corpl. David Lesseig. C Do.

Private Samuel Hart. C Do.

Sergt. Thomas Cahoon. D Do.

Sergt. John C. Gray. D Do.

Sergt. Robert Henry. E Do.

Corpl. John Heist. E Do.

Private John Cyphert. F Do.

Private Stewart W. Fulton. F Do.

Sergt. William R. G Do.


Private A. J. Moore. G Do.

Corpl. Frank Johnston. G Do.

Sergt. Peter Weaver. H Do.

Sergt. Hugh Kenney. H Do.

Corpl. Henry Campbell. H Do.

Corpl. Philip Allebrand. I Do.

Private John Allebrand. I Do.

Private James Gallatin. I Do.

Private James Carney. K Do.

Corpl. John M. Smith. K Do.

Corpl. Frank Rafter. K Do.

Sergt. Charles P. Post. A 57th Pennsylvania


Corpl. J. W. Granger. A Do.

Corpl. Samuel E. Lines. A Do.

Sergt. Ira E. McKnight. B Do.

Private James Ramsey. B Do.

Private Simeon Hahn. B Do.

Sergt. Ieovia Allen. C Do.

Sergt. Michael Maloy. C Do.

Private David Monihan. C Do.

Sergt. Walter Rice. E Do.

Private Henry Kreuninger. E Do.

Corpl. M. A. Irwin. F Do.

Corpl. J. K. Hamilton. F Do.

Sergt. Franklin Shaw. H Do.

Sergt. John Burnsides. H Do.

Corpl. Henry Forbes. H Do.

Private Amos Miller. H Do.

Sergt. Samuel Shields. I Do.

Private Levi Christ. I Do.

Private Charles Maxum. I Do.

Sergt. H. R. Douglas. F Do.

Sergt. John C. Taylor. F Do.

Private Horace Sweet. K Do.

Private Jonas Snow. K Do.

Private William Murray. K Do.