War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 1276 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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names of meritorious and distinguished non-commissioned officers and privates selected as the recipients of the Kearny cross, the division decoration. Many deserving soldiers may have escaped the notice of their commanding officers, but in the selection after next battle they will doubtless receive this honorable distinction. This cross is in honor of our old leader and the wearers of it will always remember his high standard of a true and brave soldier and will never disgrace it.

Name and rank. Company. Regiment.

Mrs. Anna Etheridge. ... 5th Michigan


Mrs. Mary Tepe. ... 114th Pennsylvania


First Brigade, Colonel A. H.


Private John Brontz. A 114th Pennsylvania


Private Francis Hopkins. A Do.

Private Christian Rohrig. A Do.

Corpl. Andrew Stotz. B Do.

Corpl. Samuel N. Cass. B Do.

Private William Werber. B Do.

Sergt. William J. Miller. C Do.

Color-Sergt. Benjamin J. C Do.


Corpl. Michael Cannon. C Do.

Sergt. George W. Gower. D Do.

Sergt. Herman Grasley. D Do.

Corpl. Brian McLaughlin. D Do.

Sergt. Andrew J. Cunningham. E Do.

Sergt. Henry C. Muns. E Do.

Sergt. John Guinness. E Do.

Sergt. John Waterhouse. F Do.

Sergt. Isaac Fox. F Do.

Private James Maguire. F Do.

Private William Fowler. F Do.

Sergt. Joshua Bates. G Do.

Sergt. John A. Burk. G Do.

Private Matthew Patton. G Do.

Sergt. H. McCarthy. K Do.

Corpl. William Larky. K Do.

Color-Corpl. Charles Borie. L Do.

Sergt. William J. Brown. A 68th Pennsylvania


Sergt. James P. Frazer. A Do.

Private George B. Kenney. A Do.

Sergt. Elisha Warne. B Do.

Sergt. George S. Paul. B Do.

Private John Brown. B Do.

Sergt. Hiram McAllister. C Do.

Sergt. George Smith. C Do.

Sergt. Henry Mohn. D Do.

Sergt. Henry Morgan. D Do.

Private Charles Collins. D Do.

Sergt. Charles Kime. E Do.

Sergt. Samuel Wardlaw. E Do.

Sergt. Castner Jones. F Do.

Private Edw. R. Winchell. F Do.

Corpl. Jeremiah Cowley. G Do.

Private William H. Hazzard. G Do.

Private Edw. A. Nutall. G Do.

Sergt. David Allbright. H Do.

Corpl. Peter J. Skeen. H Do.

Private Albert W. Burkhart. H Do.

Sergt. Thomas V. Miller. I Do.

Sergt. Lewis Meredith. I Do.

Private Henry Bowers. I Do.

Sergt. Jonathan Neil. K Do.

Sergt. Alex. H. Mitchell. A 105 Pennsylvania


Sergt. Samuel S. Hayden. A Do.

Sergt. A. McPherson. A Do.

Sergt. John C. Kelso. B Do.

Sergt. George Heigs. B Do.

Private Charles S. McCaully. B Do.

Corpl. Andrew A. Harley. C Do.

Private Charles C. Weaver. C Do.

Private Samuel H. Mays. C Do.

Sergt. James Sylois. D Do.

Corpl. Milton Craven. D Do.

Sergt. Josiah E. Geiger. E Do.

Corpl. George Weddle. E Do.

Corpl. James M. Shoaf. E Do.

Sergt. Robert Doty. F Do.

Corpl. Henry P. McKillin. F Do.

Private Perry C. Culper. F Do.

Sergt. George W. Hawthorne. G Do.