War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0687 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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field officers. In like manner, when another regiment is formed, the like proceedings shall be hald, until all the regiments that may be formed are completed. If there are any companies left ather the formation of said regiments, they shall be formed into a battalion and officered in like manner. The field officers then remaining without commands shall be discharged and their commissions shall be void. The regiments and any detached battalion thus formed shall be mustered into the service of the Confederate States, by such mustering officer as shall be detailed by the Secretary of War for that purpose, and, when so mustered, complete returns thereof shall be immediately made by such mestering officer to the Adjutant-General of the State at Richmond. The said troops are to be received in companies, battalion, and regiments, with their respective officers. They are to be mustered into the service for the war, but with the express reservation that those not subject to conscription, if they desire it, shall be discharged at the expiration of their present term of enlistment. The Governor shall appoint an officer to be present at the mustering of said troops into service, whose duty it shall be to take an inventory of all arms, accouterments, ordnance, equipments, stores, munitions of war, horses, and other property which may be in the possession of said troops when so mustered into service, and the same shall be transferred to the Confederate Government, and shall be received and receipted for by the said mustering officer at the time of receiving and mustering said troops as aforesaid. Such staff officers for said regiments and detached battalions, if any, as may be authorized by the laws of the Confederate States, shall be appointed by the colonels of the regiments when formed, according to the laws of the Confederate States, and when the said regiments are mustered into service the said staff officers shall be received as a part of the force transferred, and be commissioned accordingly.

Third. All the arms, accouterments, ordnance and equipments, stores, munitions of war, and other property furnished and receipted for as aforsaid shall be valued by the mustering officers aforesaid and the officer appointed by the Governor to make the inventory thereof, and if they fail to agree, in such mode as may be agreed on by the Governor and Secretary of War, and the value thus ascertained shall, upon delivery thereof, be paid by the Confederate Government into the treasury of the Commonwealth to the credit of the Commonwealth.

Fourth. All enlistments for the State troops and rangers shall cease from and after the passage of this act.

Fifth. From and after the transfe of the said troops, as provided for in the second act, no claim shall be allowed for the payment of the officers and troops, or otherwise, on account of said State troops and rangers, except in discharge of liablilities incurred piror thereto.

Sixth. Such portion of said forces, including commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and privates, as shall not be reorganized and transferred before the 1st day of April, 1863, according to the provisions of this act, shall receive no pay, clothing, rations, or other allowances for services thereafter.

Seventh. This act shall be in force from its passage, and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent therewith are hereby repealed.

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