War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0582 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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which are equally approved by them; the men who have been the instruments to execute their power and vengeance, and the hirelings who have pillaged our land, desecrated our churches, polluted our fair fields, sacked our towns, and insulted the innocent and helpless, render them alike detestable to us and disgraceful to humanity. They were bound by the Constitution to guarantee to us our rights and protect us against invasion. They have invaded us themselves with the avowed object to subjugate a to confiscate our property, and banish us from our domain. They were required to give no preference by any regulation of commerce or revenue to the ports of one State over those of another. They have shut up all our ports and prohibited us from having intercourse with themselves or the nations of the earth, while they have left all of their own ports open to the commerce of the world. They have refused to permit us to obtain with our own means even the medicines necessary for our sick and wounded - articles never hitherto considered contraband by any civilized nation. They were prohibited from forming or erecting a new State within the jurisdiction of any other State. They have permitted an illegal Legislature, not acknowledged by the constitution or laws of this State, or by a majority of our people, to profess to establish a new state within the jurisdiction of Virginia, acknowledgin the acts of the Governor of that State, receiving its Representatives and Senators into the Congress of the United States without the color of law, justice, or right, and paying for their pretended services out of the public fisc. They have granted to this pretended Governor money which they have acknowledged to be due to the State of Virginia. They have authorized the raising of troops within this pretended State to war against our people and desolate the firesides of their brethren, and stimulated them to bloodshed and massacre. They have allowed vacancies in the representation of this State to be filled by writs issued by the false Executive of this pretended State, against the express provision that the executive authority of Virginia alone shall issue such writs, with the full knowledge on their part that the rightful Governor of this State had been undoubtedly and contitutionally elected by a majority of the entire population of the State, before the commencement of the war, and that he still continued in office under his regular appointmen, and in which election the people in the district, against an express provisionin the constitution of Virginian which prohibits soldies in the service of the United States from voting in such elections, thus recognizing the base traitor against his own State as a fit associate and colleague for Representatives who are who are entitled to the station, and allowing low pretenders to the position of Senators to be dignified with that honorable distinction. They were prohibited from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise e sent their myrmidons into churches and dragged our ministers from the sacred desk for a mere omission to put up a petition to the Almighty for their execrated President. They have shut upour places of wordship for the same cause, and prohibited our people from assembling together for the exercise of religious duties. They were denied authority to abridge the freedom of speech or of the press. They have recklessly imprisoned private citizens, holding no office or position, civil or military, for expressing a mere difference of opinion with them-selves, and for fearlessly uttering their sentiments; and even incarcerated our honorable women for similar causes, permitting their armed