War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0577 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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be recognized are those of regiments or batteries of authorized trains or subsistence depots in the field, and of the field hospitals authorized in the circular from this office of June 19. Extra tents and baggage not with the troops must be turned over to the Quartermaster's Department in Richmond by transfer or for storage. The baggage of the absent sick may be stored at the field hospitals, and some of the bell tents may be used for this purpose. Tents of that class are not whole-some at the season, admitting of no ventilation; they should be turned in and replaced by flies. The commanders of divisions will take measures to put these orders into execution, and will endeavor, as far as other considerations permit, to have their trains and depots on convenient roads in such manner as to avoid extra hauling.

II. To prevent misconception, medical officers will be instructed that they cannot sign a military pass unless in the extreme necessity of battle. They are authorized to sign certificates of proffesional opinion only as a basis of military action by others, and in using the phraseology of a permit they commit an assumption of authority and a disobedience of General Orders, Numbers 17, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, November 7, 1861.

By command of General Lee:


Inspector-General, Department of Norther Virginia.



Near Richmond, June 21, 1862.

General R. E. Lee,


GENERAL: Our artillery, service, in common with a good many other things, needs more system. For want of this I find myself perplexed and even distressed at the want of efficiency. With all diligence I cannot get such reports as are necessary to enable me to see what our strength really is and how it is applied, nor cani without such knowledge satisfy you ont hese points. Nothing is more certain than that I ought to have at all times and be ready to spread distribution and capacity for diffused or concentrated action. Toward supplying these desiderata, let me ask of you a general order on the subject. The sketch of such an order as seems to me most likely to be useful I take the libery to append. Your experience, I hope, will suggest improvement.

Yours, very truly,


Brigadier-General and Chief of Artillery.


Sketch of general order appended to letter Numbers 2.

extensively diffused as in necessarily the artillery of this army, it becomes essential for its due efficiency that there should be in its administration rigid system. To this end-

I. The chief of artillery in each division will have charge of all the batteries thereto attached, whether acting with brigade or held in reserve. A battery duly assigned to a brigade will, until properly relieved, report to and be controlled by the brigade commander. It

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