War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0496 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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II. Applications for exemption from militia duty on account of physical inability will hereafter be made in writing to the captain of the precinct to which the applicant belongs, and by him be referred to the board of exempts before being forwarded to this department. All persons who claim exemption for physical disability will be required to appear and undego a personal examination before this board, the result of which will be indorsed upon such application and transmitted to this office.

III. Applications for leave of absence from milita drill for more than one day will also be in writing, addressed to the captain of the party's company or precinct, and forwarded to the regimental commnander for his approval before being transmitted to this department.

IV. Clergymen actually holding the pastoral function will be excused from drill on Sunday by the captains of their respective precincts. Fire wardens of the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth are exempted from military duty after being enrolled, and the captains will detach them accordingly.

V. Two surgeons and one chaplin, to be appointed from the enrolled militia of the district upon the recommendation of the field officers, will be allowed each regiment in the district.

VI. Regimental rendezvous are hereby appointed as follows: Norfolk regiment (Colonel Robinson's), the custom-house; Portsmouth regiment (Colonel Butt's), county court-house; Saint Brides regiment (Colonel Johnston's), Ferry Point. In the event of a landing by the enemy or the invasion of this district the enrolled militia, including all "detached" on special duty, excused, or on leave of absence under the above orders, will immediately assemble at their respective company rendezvous, and thence be marched to the rendezvous of the regiment, with such arms as they then have or can procure, and they will remain there in closed ranks until further orders. The home guard of Noroflk will meet at the same time in front of the city hall.

By order of the civil and military governor:




HEADQUARTERES, Evansport, March 9, 1862.

General FRENCH:

GENERAL: It is now 11.30 a. M. I deem it prudent to start off all the men of the two companies except just enough to do the work of destruction, set fire, &c. Last night my whole plans were very near being exploded by Captain Walters not sending an order at 4 o'clock. Powhatan shells me on my field, and every now and then shells would go off. Next, at 10 a. M., the No. 2 battery men exploded a parcel of powder, so, really, I don't know why the enemy don't come over. So you see I have sent off nearly all the command; though very ticklish, I will hold on till later. The guns are all spiked, carriages destroyed as much as possible, combustibles under all the carriages, shipping ready to fire, &c. Last night battery No. 1 fired two or three times at a tug running by. The opposite battery opened on us. Nothing new about the river. Steamers and tugs about the same. One has just gone into the Occoquan. Drum beating a great deal all the morning on the Maryland side. Rockets thrown up during the night. Excuse paper; have none.

Very respectfully,