War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0490 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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Precinct No. 5 also beyond the corporate limits, is bounded by Ivey's Branch, Elizabeth River, Nansemond County and River, and Portsmouth - Captain ----, First Lieutenant ----, Second Lieutenant ----; rendezvous at Churchland, Norfolk County, Monday, the 10th of March, at 12 o'clock.

III. Saint Brides regiment, James H. Johnston, Jr., colonel, will assemble all persons of the description stated in the first paragraph residing in that part of the country of Norfolk between Sewell's Point and the Great Bridge, at Ferry Point, on Saturday, the 8th of March, and, after proceeding in the manner authorized by the first paragraph, divide the territory included in his regiment into convenient precincts, assign the inhabitants of each to duty, organize the companies, appoint their rendezvous, and proceed as therein directed, reporting his proceedings under this order to his department without delay. Competent military instructors will be detailed for each company upon his requisition.

3. The following citizens and surgeons of the Confederate Army, serving in this district, are appointed members of the board of exempts for the sevearl military division, viz:

Norfolk board - Charles Reid, E. T. Summers, and Dennis Moseley, esqs., Doctors Swan and Pigott, C. S. Army; meet at the court-house, Norfolk, 12 o'clock 8th of March.

Portsmouth board (city) - A. R. Smith, John Nash, and William H. Peters, esqs., Doctors Taliaferro and A. T. Bell, of the C. S. Army; meet at the court-house, Portsmouth, 12 o'clock 10th of March.

Portsmouth board (county) - L. H. Kingman, T. N. Mercer, and Jos. G. Ball, esqs., Drs. James G. Galt and H. J. Butt, of the C. S. Army; meet at Bowers Hill, 12 o'clock 10th of March.

Saint Brides board - Fred. Wilson, G. F. Outten, and Stephen Tatem, esqs., Drs. John T. Baylors and William M. Wilson, of the C. S. Army; meet at Ferry Point village, 12 o'clock 10th of March.

Upon the publication of these regulations, and on the day and at the place and hour stated, they will assemble and organize their respective boards and proceed to business under the further instructions they will receive from this department, and transmit the list of exempts to the colonel of the regiment to which the party claiming the same belongs.


4. Until further orders from this department the ordinances and by-laws of the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, so far as applicable to the present condition of affairs, will not be interfered with, and are continued in force, and will govern the Governor in the administration of justice in case of contract and petty misdemeanors arising within the district. All other cases will be tried by court-martial detailed from the several regiments. This court will be held at the Cith Hall, Norfolk, daily, and will be organized and conducted according to the Rules and Articles of War in like cases, and the same punishments inflicted.


The fire departments of the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth will be continued until further orders. Banks, drug and other stores and offices of these cities will be closed, and all business suspended at 2 o'clock p. M. each day.