War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0489 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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excluded, the militia so assembled in their rendezvous will proceed to the election of company offices, who will see that they meet every day thereafter, Sundays included, at the same place and at 3 p. M., for drill and instruction until further orders. Until elections are held the colones of regiments herein named will proceed to fill all vacancies in the list of company officers by persons of their own selection, to serve until their successors are elected and commissioned. And they will report to this department immediately the names of all the officers and men under their command, distinguishing which "exempted" and which "for duty."

Upon the publication of these orders, the militia of the District of Norfolk, being thus assembled at their several rendezvous herein specified, will by the officers in charge, be enrolled an excused, "detached" for duty at the navy-yard or elsewhere, or set down for duty upon the roll, as he may determine; and his roll he will report with his remarks thereon to his regimental commander, to be by him transmitted to this department and filed.

2. The District of Norfolk is divided into three military divisions, called, respectively: (1) Norfolk, (2) Portsmouth, (3) Saint Brides, each containing one regiment, and each subdidvided into precincts, with the following boundaries and rendezvous, viz:

I. Norfolk regiment, Edmund C. Robinson, colonel:

Precinct No. 1, companies A and B, includes the First Ward, city of Norfolk - Captain John T. Hall, First Lieutenant T. P. Warren, Second Lieutenant Geroge W. Dey; rendezvous at John T. Hardy's warehouse, Tunis' wharf, Friday, 7th of March, 1862, at 3 o'clock p. M.

Precinct No. 2, Companiese C and D, includes all persons in the Second Ward - Capts. N. H. Moore, W. P. Dilworth, First Lieutenants ---

and ----, Second Lieutenants ---- and ----; rendezvous at Second Ward school-house, same day and hour.

Precinct No. 3, Companies E and F, includes all persons in the Third Ward - Captains ---- and ----, First Lieutenant W. E. Foster and F. M. Ellett, Second Lieutenants ---- and ----; rendezvous at Ashland Hall, same day and hour.

Precinct No. 4, Companies G and H includes will persons in the Fourth Ward - Capts. D. C. Crowell and D. D. Stone; G Company rendezvous, Higgins' warehouse; H Company rendezvous, Hunter's warehouse, Baltimore Steam-Packet Company's wharf, same day and hour.

II. Portsmouth regiment, A. B. Butt, colonel.

Precinct No. 1 includes all persons living north of High street - Captain J. G. Holladay, First Lieutenant James G. Bain, second Lieutenant G. W. O. Maupin; rendezvous at the court-house, Portsmouh, at 1 p. M. on Monday, the 10th of March, 1862.

Precinct No. 2 includes all living south of HIgh street and north of South street - Captain James Guy, First Lieutenant A. G. N. Reid, Second Lieutenant Bassett B. Warren; rendezvous at the City Hall, same day and hour.

Precinct No. 3 includes all south of South street - Captain William Walker, First Lieutenant ----, Second Lieutenant ----; rendezvous at the free-school building, Newtown, the same day and hour.

Precinct No. 4 lies beyond the corporate limits, and his bounded by the city of Portsmouth, New Mill Creek, the Southern Branch, and Ivey's Branch - Captain ----, First Lieutenant Marchant Creekmur, Second Lieutenant ----; rendezvous at the meeting-house in the village of Deep Creek, on Monday, the 10th of March, at 12 o'clock.