War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0409 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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for an attack of the enemy, which we think, with their knowledge of our country and resources, is not only possible, but probable.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Evansport, December 10, 1861.

General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector-General, C. S. Army:

SIR: Inclosed I have the honor to forward the statement of some prisoners that were captured by crossing the Potomac, and when near the shore were persuaded to land and were captured. If you deem this information of any importance you can lay it before the Secretary of War. They all state that General Sickles has five regiments; Hooker five regiments; the New Jersey brigade, lately landed, has four or five; and one stated that he was playing cards with the colonel's cook, and learned from him that troops were moving down the river; one was an Indiana regiment, and the cook wished to go with it. It appears that there are about 20,000 men opposite, which includs artillery and a very small force of cavalry. Nearly all supplies are drawn from Washington.

Yours, respectfully,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Statement made by prisoners.

Thomas Latham Wilkinson, aged fifteen years, resident of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., son of an officer of Company I, Fifth Regiment, Sickles' brigade, was questioned by General French. In answer to questions he state that Sickles is now in Washington; that General Hooker is in comand, though there is a contention between Sickles and himself for command. Sickles' headquarters are inalnd, near the Massachusetts camp. His brigade conssits of five regiments; average strength 900 to 1,000. A fewnights ago the Freeborn was going down; their pickets fired at her, thinking her the Richmond. Liverpool Point is used as landing. Stores are landed from steamers, and wood and oysters brought up in small vessels. In addition to Sickles' force there are two Massachusetts and one Pennsylvania regiment. Professor Lowe has charge of balloon. They are building houses for officers and arranging tents for winter quarters. Colonel Graham crossed to Mathias Point, and was arrested for his depredations. Negroes not carried off by force, but had their things packed, trunks, &c., to escape, in number about forty, and are employed in unloading vessels. Each regiment has eighteenw agons hauling stores from Washington.

Charles Smith, aged twelve years, fro Massachusetts, and adopted son of Lieutenant Squier, Fifth Regiment, Sickles'brigade: Regiments about 800 strong, and posted about half a mile apart. The large flag visible isin Fourth Regiment. The troops are building some houses. They have only about ten boats. They are going to build a wharf at Liverpool Point. Has only heard talk of fleet coming up here within the last two days. Regimetnal wagons haul supplies. Very bad roads. General Hooker goes up in the ballon. They have very good horses and mules; six horses to most of the guns, of which there are 100 and more pieces under Sickles.