War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0343 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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The following resolutions were read and passed unanimously and without discussion by a meeting of citizens of North carolina, held in Hyde county, Saturday, October 12, 1861:

Resolved, That we do hereby voluntarily and deliberately reaffirm our loyalty to the Government of the United Statet, and express our unalterable attachment to that Constitution which is the basis of the Union founded by our fathers.

Resolved, That while, as a law - abiding people, we accept the constitution and laws of the Commonwealth of North Carolina as they were prior to the treasonable and revolutionary innovations of the cospirators against the Union in this state, we do, nevertheless, utterly repudiate, reject, and disavow all acts of any convention or Legislature done in contravention of our primary and permanent allegiance to the Federal Government, or in derogation of its authority, as imposing no obligation that loyal citizens are bound to respect.

Resolved, That we owe no obedience to the commands of the Acting Governor of North Carolina, nor to any other public oficers, however validly constituted, who have transferred the duty they owed to the Union to the spurious Government self styled the Confederate States of America. They have vacated, by the fact of their treason, the positions to which they were elevated by a confiding but betrayed people; and the rightful power to fill their vacancies reverts to the loyal men among their constituents.

Resolved, That no State authority existing which we can consistently recognize or obey, and desirig to secure the benefit of law and order, now virually suspended which prevails within our borders, we daclare our wishes for the establishment, at an early day, of a provisional State government for the loyal people of North Carolina.


EASTVILLE, October 12, 1861.

Honorable J. P. BENJAMIN,

Attorney - General of Confederate States, Richmond:

DEAR SIR: If you concur in opinion with me that any citizens of the Confederate State who takes the oath of allegiance or to support the Constitution of the United State - which the Federal forces are in the habit of administrering to all our citizens who will take it wherever they have and opportunity - thereby becomes an alien enemy, I wish you would address me a letter expressing such opinion. The reason of my making this request is that many persons on this peninsula of Virginia are declaring, in the event of the enemy overrunning this peninsula, they would not hesitate to take the oath which might be tendered them by the invading forces. If this be done by them it will demoralize our shole society if we shall be invaded. Men are talking about doing this who have been as faithful to the South as others, but for it to be supposed that our Government will tolerate treason ansd toryism in our midst is to inaugurate them. The men who is allowed to do this takes two chances for safety and security, and self - preservation require that it be not tolerated or allowed by the Government. You may well imagine what would be the effect on an isolated community as ours if an invading force shall overrun us - which, I am free to say, I do not apprehed - and a portion of society takes the oath of allediance to the Governemt of the United States, that those who refuse to take it will almost certainly be taken as prisoners. Would not the idea that those