War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0335 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Sewell Mountain, October 6, 1861.


The enemy has disappeared in our front. I desire you to proceed with a strong detachment of cavalry on the Chestnutburg road and endeavor to ascertain this movements and position. Leave pickets and guards of your feebler horses and men at the avenues of approach to your rear, to give you notice, and send word to this camp should they endeavor to turn left flank.

R. E. LEE,

General, Commandning.




Sewell Mountain, October 6, 1861.

1. To insure the transportation of supplies to the Army of the Kanawha, it becomes necessary to repair the turnpike from Lewisburg to this camp. That portion of the road west of Sewell Creek will be repaired by the troops of General Loring and Floyd. That part of man. The road will be thoroughly drained, the waterways opened, and timber laid over all the soft and muddy portiond, to form a flooring.

2. Upon the completion of the repairs of the road by the militia force, General Chapman is authorized to dismiss them to their homes for the purpose of attendin to their crops, to be again called out when necessary. The provisions, forage, and wagons not require by the militia will be turned over by General Chapman to General Floyd.

3. General Floyd will prepare his brigade as secretly and speedily as possible, to operate on the south side of the Kanawha. He will make proper dispposition of his sick, sendilg such as require it to the hospitals, and make arrangements for brinking up his convalescents and for securing supplies for his march and operations.

R. E. LEE.

General, Commanding.



Camp on Sewell, October 6, 1861.

General A. A. CHAPMAN,

Commanding Militia:

Your application to have the militia under your command dismissed the services for the present has been under advisement since my note of yesterday, and considering the importance of giving to them the opportunity of attending to their agricultural pursuits, I have determined to comply with your request upon the following conditions, to wit: First, that you turn over to the proper authorities of my command all your supplies of provisions and small stores of every kind for the use of this army; second, that you furnish from your command a sufficient force to put the road in good running order for half the distance from Meadow Bluff to Big Sewell; third, that you give me the use of all your wagons and teams to make one trip to and from Jackson's River. For this latter service you will be properly compensated and your property restored to its owners.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant.

John B. FLOYD.


Assistant Adjutant - General.