War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0334 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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Fairfax Court - House, October 5, 1861.

The earliest information of an advance movement by the enemy will, in all probability, be received by Brigadier General J. E. B. Stuart. Any immediate movement by the advanced forces of this command that may become necessary in consequence of such movements on the part of the enemy will be ordered by General Stuart and executed under his supervision.

By order of Brigadier - General Longstreet:


Assistant Adjutant - General.



The undersigned, citizens of the county of Hampshire, in the State of vorginia, respectfully represent that a portion of our county is now in possession of the enemy; that they have for the last three months occupied New Creek Station as their headquarters; that they occupy the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which is open and under their control from the town of Cumberland, Md., to Wheeling; that the late Governor F. Thomas, of Maryland, has enlisted a force along the railroad and canal under pretense of protecting the canal; that these men have been plundering and murdering our people on the border; that the Federal force at New Creek, with the so - called Union men, have been all the time harassing and plundering good and true men, and arresting and taking them off as prisoners to the west; that the town of Romney has been twice invaded, the first time without resistance, and last week, when enemy was driven back by the militia and a part of McDonald's mounted men; that they have sworn vengeance, and declare they will burn the town of Romney, and as they are a set of desperadoes they will stop at no outrage on person of property. They have taken an immense amount of cattle, sheep, and horses, some negroes and grain, and if left unchecked will no doubt take all our people have. Thus the very food which our own people and army will need in a month or two is going to feed the army of the enemy in the west and on the border. We and the people in Romney and east of the town are true and loyal people, while the county west of us has a population two - thirds of which is demoralized, and many of them actively engaged in aiding the enemy. Now, we respectfully ask wherether this people and this important border is to be neglected any longer; whether we have not a right to immediate protection, and whether our property and lives are to be sacrificed, our wives and daughter insulted and outraged, and to claim at once that kind protection of our Government to which we are entitled. Much more might be said, but we now respectfully insist upon protection, and suggest that two or three regiments of volunteers, with some cavalry and artillery, be sent to our relief at once. We have been looking for ten days for Colonel J. B. Baldwin's regiment, and regret to learn that he is somewhere in Highland County awaiting orders, although he is anxious to come in here. As the enemy, no doubt, intends to winter in Romney and Moorefiels, there is no time to lose.




[And 157 OTHERS.]

] 5.]


* Without date, but was received at War Department October 5, 1861.