War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0312 MD. E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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directed to allow all alien enemies bearing the pass of this Department as such to pass out of the country. You are permitted to disregard the pass whenever you see fit for causes which, in your judgment, suffice to induce you to stop a dangerous person. I hope I have now placed the matter in such a shape as to relieve you from the embarrassmetn yoyu appear to have enterained.

Your obedient servant,



SEWELL MOUNTAIN, September 25, 1861.

General JOHN B. FLOYD,

Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: Everything is quiet in the enemy's camp. I can count five or six regiments, but cannot see ground in their rear where others may be. There is also a large wagon train of supplies, independent of the regular supply train, with rows of barrels piled outside, which inclines me to the belief there is a large number of troops before us. I can hear nothing of their being on the roads to our right or left. That to our right by Nicholl's Mill comes ou on the Wildernes road at McClung's, six miles from the ferry over Gauley. It is a rough road as far as the Wilderness, three miles of it after crossing Meadow River very bad, requiring working, but practicable for an enterprising enemy. You had better have it well guarded. Colonel Davis' cavalry are on the old State road. I supplose if we fall back the enemy will follow. This is a strong point, if they will fighs us here. The advantage is, they can get no position for their artillery, and their men I think will not advance without it. If they do not we shall require provisions and forage. Of the latter there is none, and the horses are suffering. This command is now in a movable condition, and can retire or remina at pleasure.

Very truly,

R. E. LEE.

P. S. - By direction of General Lee I add to the above a request that you will send three days' ratons of flour, salt, and bacon, if you have it; we have plenty of fresh beef. Send also sugar and coffee [three days'], and if you can spare it, three days' of salt for the whole command now on Sewell; that is, Colonel Heth's four regiments and General Wise's legion, the latter being without salt.



Acting Assistant Adjutant - General.



Camp at Meadow Bluff, September 25, 1861 - 12 p. m.

General A. A. CHAPMAN:

DEAR SIR: Yours of this date has just been received by General Floyd. In reply I am instructed by him to say that it is true that the military of this country has been disbanded, but this has been done with the express understanding that they shall be embodied whenever in the judgment of General Floyd a necessity for thus doing shall arise. They are therefore liable to be called into service at any hour, and they are