War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0250 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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Floyd, which I give as his. The character of the country is such as to greatly impair the advantage of guns of long range. Our fighting here will be in the bushes and from trees. For this no weapon is better than the musket, as either balls or buckshot may be used. Then come without a moment's delay. Our position is such that with the addition of your regiment General Floyd thinks that he push his offensive action to any extent.

By order of Brigadier General John B. Floyd:


Assistant Adjutant-General, Floyd's Brigade.



Camp Gauley, near Carnifix Ferry, August 23, 1861.

Brigadier General A. A. CHAPMAN:

DEAR SIR: Your favor of the 20th instant, informing me of the embodiment of the militia of the counties of Monroe, Giles, and Mercer, and the movement of a portion of his force, has been received. I am, more than I can express, gratified at this intelligence. Your movement is very opportune, happening at the point of time when it was most to be desired and when the most valuable results may be expected from it. I have been within the last few days in hot pursuit of the enemy, with my scouts in daily skirmish with theirs, and invariably victorious. They made a stand on the Hawk's Nest. I halted my column within three miles of them, threatening an attack of their position to be made the next morning. Persuaded that this attack would be made, they withdrew their entire force from Summersville and this vicinity, and concentrated it at and about Gauley Bridge. Anticipating this move I withdrew my force and by a night march reached Carnifix Ferry, crossed, and am now in possession of the bluffs on the north side of the stream. The force of the enemy at Gauley and those operating against General Lee have been thus separated, cut in two, and their communication with each other entirely cut off. I have given you the outline of my movements that you may be able the better to judge of the importance, and of the move which you have made and of the advantage to result therefrom. Then collect your force at once and push on to some point on the Kanawha River, either at or below the falls, as your judgment may suggest. I will meet you there with my command on this side of the river, when we will push forward our action as circumstances may suggest.

Your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Forces, &c.

P. S. - The Green brier regiments have not joined me. In accordance with my request they met twice, but as often disbanded without reporting.



Camp Gauley, Nicholas County, August 24, 1861.

General A. A. CHAPMAN:

MY DEAR SIR: This will be handed to you by my aide and friend, Colonel Jenkins, who is on his way to the counties toward the Ohio,