War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0244 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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PICKETT'S, August 20, [1861] - 2 a. m.

Brigadier General J. B. FLOYD:

SIR: The enemy have 1,500 men stationed between Carnifix Ferry and The Meadows. Two hundred have crossed on this side, but whether more have crossed I cannot ascertain. My information is up to yesterday morning. My scouts have just returned from both the Saturday and Sunday roads, and have been nearly to their junction, which is not more than two miles from the ferry. It will be advisable to leave a force at both roads. A company of cavalry and a company of infantry will be amply sufficient to keep any force in check upon those roads if deployed as skirmishers through the woods. The roads are very narrow and easily obstructed. Cavalry can be spared easily for that purpose, as they are not of much value in these mountains. I would advise that the cavalry companies you intend to being on to this point be those armed with sabers, as well as other arms. We may have to charge their guns, and cavalry without sabers for that purpose would be of little avail. None of my cavalry have sabers excepting Captain Pate's company, of which I have about twenty-eight men. I ascertained that the enemy stationed at Likens' Mill have a piece of artillery stationed in the road. I have carefully examined the country with a view of getting to the rear, but find it impracticable with my present force without great loss. I shall hold my present position by passing over the bridge at this place if attacked and taking up the flooring. I write more particularly at this moment to caution you about the Saturday and Sunday roads.



Lieutenant-Colonel First Cavalry.

You need have no apprehension about Chestnutburg road, as the bridge was destroyed by the enemy and the road so obstructed that they cannot pass without great difficulty and no little time expended in removing the obstructions; besides, I have a strong picket upon that road.


RICHOND, August 21, 1861.


Union City, Tenn.:

You will proceed to Richmond and await orders here.




August 21, 1861.

Major General ROBERT E. LEE,


SIR: Having been assigned to special service by General H. A. Wise to direct the operations of a body of militia, partly from my own brigade and partly from General Chapman's with Caskie's Troop Rangers, in the loop of New River, embracing all of Raleigh County and part of Fayette County, I have formed a camp of instructin at this place, nine miles south of Raleigh Court-House, and have now a force of about