War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0168 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA.

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point in East Tennessee. The country is healthy, and supplies are cheap and abundant. If 10,000 men were established at Russellville to form a camp of instruction they would be withting twenty-four hours of Richmond, and would pretty effectually quell the spirit of rebellion fostered by Johnson, Nelson, and their gang. The march of our people through the quarter of the State they are going will have, I have no doubt, a very salutary influence. It will be on nearly a straigh line from this place to the region you designated on the Lower Kanawha. The road we travel lies upon and very near the fourth degree of longitude from Washington the entire way to the Falls of Kanawha, and although we pass through the wildest portion of the State all preparations are made for forage and subsistence throughout the route. I think Confederate bonds may be made to purchase what will be wanted for the service after the people become a little familiar with them.

With the highest esteem, I am, truly, your friend,




Savannah, July 13, 1861.

Honorable L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your two telegraphic dispatches, the first directing me to order Colonel Williams' regiment of Georgia enlisted men to Richmond, and the second (received at a late hour last night) giving the same directions to Colonel Semmes' regiment. The order has already been given for the march of the first-named regiment. The peculiar character of this regiment may not occur to you at this moment. At the request of Governor Brown the regiment was received with twelve companies instead of ten. I urged that the Governor's proposition be accepted to save to commissional captains, and gave as a reason that the number of companies would cause no embarrassment, as the regiment was intended to garrison the posts on the coast of Georgia. Captain Read's company has been separated from the rest of the regiment ever since it was organized, and is not in any way indentified with it. Duties of a peculiar character have been assigned to this company which cannot be performed at present by any other. I have therefore ordered Colonel Williams to report at Richmond with the eleven companies under his immediate command, and really constituting his regiment, and will detain Captain Read's company here unless I am directed to send that on also. I would respectfully ask that this company be continued with my command. Colonel Semmes' regiment is posted on the lower of Georgia, and it will require some time to notify and transport them to this city en route to Richmond. All dispatch will be used, however, in executing the directions of the Department. As the exposed condition of this coast makes it imperatively necessary that the force under my command should not be diminished, and the necessarily hastly character of this order by telegraph did not admit of detailed instructions for my guidance, I will proceed under the general authority heretofore given me (and with the assent of the Governor of Georgia) to muster into service volunteer companies enough to garrison all the posts heretofore occupied on the coast. None of them can be abandoned without serious danger, nor without producing a panic