War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0156 Chapter LXIII. MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., eXCEPT E. W., & W. VA.

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Second Brigade.-First Regiment, to be formed in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties; Second Regiment, to be formed in Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties; Third Regiment, to be formed in Calvert and Prince George's Counties; Fourth Regiment, to be formed in Calvert and Charles Counties; Fifth Regiment, to be formed in Charles and Saint Mary's Counties.

Third Brigade.-First Regiment, to be formed in Kent and Cecil Counties; Second Regiment, to be formed in Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties; Third Regiment, to be formed in Dorchester County; Fourth Regiment, to be formed in Somerset and Caroline Counties; Fifth Regiment, to be formed in Worcester County.

The utmost vigilance is to be observed in carrying out these arrangements, as the disclosure or discovery of one circumstance might lead to the ruin of the entire scheme. When all is ready and the command is given to rally for the defence of Maryland and the South, the various regiments will rendezvous at the following places:

First Brigade.-First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Regiments in Baltimore City, where they will remain quiet until ordered to appear publicly.

Second Brigade.-First Regiment, Baltimore City; Second and Third Regiments, Pig Point, Calvert County; Fourth Regiment, Huntingtown, Calvert County; Fifth Regiment, Washington, on the Patuxent.

Third Brigade.-First Regiment, Chestertown, Kent County; Second Regiment, Centerville, Queen Anne's County; Third Regiment, Easton, Talbot County; Fourth Regiment, Cambridge, Dorchester County.

Having met at their different places of rendezvous, it will be absolutely necessary to concentrate the brigades at some point. The First Brigade being in Baltimore, there will exist no immediate necessity for this step. With the Second Brigade the First Regiment will rendezvous in Baltimore. Within twelve hours after the appointed time the Fifth Regiment of the Second Brigade will cross the Patuxent and march with all speed upon Huntingtown, where it will meet the Fourth Regiment, which will be in readiness. A delay of six hours will be given here to afford the men an opportunity to rest themselves; then both regiments will without delay push on for Pig Point, in Calvert County, where they will be met by the Second and Third Regiments. The four regiments thus formed will push on with the utmost speed for Baltimore, in order co-operate with the First Brigade. The utmost caution and vigilance will be observed along the route. The men will be unencumbered with baggage, each one being supplied with four days' provisions, cooked or uncooked, as the general commanding may think best.

In the Third Brigade the Fourth and Fifth Regiments will, in twelve hours after rallying, march with all possible speed to Easton, where, after a delay of six hours, upon being joined by the Third Regiment, the three regiments thus formed will march at once for Centerville. After a delay of six hours for rest, upon being joined by the Second Regiment, they will at once proceed to Chestertown, where they will meet the First Regiment. The brigadier-general commanding will now use his discretion as to whether it is more expedient to cross the bay and push on for Baltimore, or to march on by forced marches through Cecil County, and cross the bay near the mouth of the Susquehanna, and then to push on for Baltimore. The key to the alphabet in cipher shall be furnished to colonels of regiments, who shall furnish it at their discretion to captains of companies, but to none others. The colonels shall see that a system of communication with some officer stationed in