War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0148 MD., E. N. C. PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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As soon as I can get spades I shall fortify this side of the Poquosin, Harrod's Mill, and Young's Mill, and will opearte in the lower country from that line. The stations of your vedettes will, of course, depend upon your own headquaters My remarks in relation to them are advisory. Marrow farm, however is, I think, an important point, if you remain at Bartlett's or Kit Curtis'.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


AN ORDINANCE to cede to the Confederate States the property in and jurisdiction over the forts, light-houses, beacons, marine hospital, and mint in North Carolina.

SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the delegates of the people of North Carolina in convention assembled, That the property in all tracts or parcels of land, lately held by the United States within the limits of North Carolina on which were erected any fortifications light-houses, beacons, or marine hospital and also the lot in the town of Charlotte, in the county of Mecklenburg, on which is situated the buildings of the mint, be and the same are hereby, granted to and vested in the Confederate States of America for the like objects, yuses, and puproses for which they were formerly held by the said United States, to have and to hold the same to the said Confederate States so long as they shall severally be devoted and applied to such objects, uses, and purposes and no longer.

SEC. 2. Be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, That all armaments, furniture, and machinery, at or in any of such fortifications light-houses, beacons, marine hospital, or mint, are hereby granted to and vested in the said Confederate States for the objects, uses, and purposes, and upon the conditions aforesaid.

SEC. 3. And be it further ordained. That the jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina over each and all ofsaid tracts or parcels of land and the buildings situated thereon is hereby granted to the said Confederate States of America excepting and reserving to this State the power to execute within and upon the same civil process in all cases and such criminal process as may issue under her authority against persons charged with offenses committed without the limits of said tracts or parcels of land, such jurisdiction to be retained by the said Confederate States so long as the said tracts or parcesl of land shall be used for the purposes hereinbefore expressed, and no longer.

Read three times and passed, June 27, 1861.


President of Convention.





Assistant Secretary


Office of Secretary of State:

I, Rufus H. PAGE, Secretary of State in and for the State of North Carolina, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original ordinance on file in this office.

Given under my hand this 28th day of June, 1861.


Secretary of State.