War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0134 MD., E. N. C. PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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army in the field, the Governor tender to the President of the Confederate States the services of the officers of their various departments for dutyin the Confedetae service, tempoarrily or permanently, as the exigencies of the public service may require. It is frutehr advised that the Governor submit to the President a respectful request that he will facilitate the prompt removal to Fayetteville, N. C., of the rifle machinery captured at Harper's Ferry, loaned by the State of Virginia to the State of North Carolina. It is further advised that the Governor tender to the President the services of the Provisional Army of Virginia, to be incorporated, in whole or in part, into the Army of thates upon such terms as may be deemed proper by the President and not inconsistent with the terms of the convention between the State of Virginia and the Confederate States and may best subserve the pubic interest, or to be used as the other forces of the State are used, in the common defense.

The following was proposed to be adopted; The council advise that the Governor be authorized to contract for erecting a telegraph line from Staunton to Charleston in the Kanawha Valley, provided that the average costs hall not excee $62.50 per mile. Whereupon, on motion of Mr. Montague, the proposed advice as laid on the table, Messrs. Smith and Maury voting against laying it on the table.

The following was then proposed and adopted, Messrs. Allen and Haymond dissenting; Advised that the Governor contract for the erection the same may be done at a cost not exceeding $62.50 per mile.

Advised unanimously that the companies of Texas Rangers now in this city be ordered, under the command of some suitable officer, to the defense of the Kanawha Valley, and that the officer commanding, in that section be further directed to call out volunteers from the counties of Greenbrier, Fayette, Nicholas, Logan, Wyoming, Boone, Cabell, Wayne, and Raleigh for the defense of that region, said volunteers to be armed with their own rifles or such weapons as may be collected for this service.








Richmond, June 5, 1861.

His Excellency JOHN LETCHER,

Richmond, Va.:

SIR: The convention entered into on the 25th of April 1861, between the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Confederate States contained the following stipulation:

Until the union of said Commonwealth with said Confederacy shall be perfected, and said Commonwelath shall become a member of said Confederacy according to the constitutions of both powers, the whole military force and military operations, offensive and defensive, of said Commonwealth, inconfict with the United States, shall be under the chief control and direction of the President of said Confederate States, upon the same principles, basis, and footing as if said Commonwealth were now and during the interval a member of said Confederacy.

By the terms of this convention the control of the military operations within this State is explicity transferred to the Confederate Govern-