War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0123 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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HDQRS. FORCES AT Yorktown, Numbers 8.

May 31, 1861.

The undersigned in absence of Colonel Magruder assumes command of this post. The commanders of regiments and detachments will report to him without delay.


Colonel Regiment North Carolina Volunteers.


RICHMOND, June 1, 1861


Secretary of War, Abingdon:

No fighting yet. Rumors false. Beauregard left for Manassas Junction this morning. President well. Messrs. Toombs and Benjamin here. Executive officers now yet prepared but under way.





Richmond, Va., June 1, 1861.

Some confusion having arisen in respect to the designation, by numbers, of the regiments called into the service of the State of Virginia, it becomes necessary that they should be more clearly enumerated. Therefore, the regiments will be known hereafter by their numbers in the order below given; First Regiment, Colonel P. T. Moore; Second Regiment, Colonel J. W. Allen; Third Regiment, Colonel R. A. Pryor; Fourth Regiment, colonel James T. Preston; Fifth Regiment, Colonel Kenton Harper; Sixth Regiment, Colonel William Mahone, Seventh Regiment, Colonel Kenton Harper, Sixth Regiment, Colonel William Mahone; Seventh Regiment, Colonel James L. Kemper; Eighth Regiment, Colonel Eppa Hunton; Ninth Regiment Colonel James L. Kemper; Eighth Regiment; Colonel Eppa Hunton; Ninth Regiment Colonel George W. Richardson; Tenth Regiment, Colonel Arthur C. Cummings; Elveneht Regiment, Colonel Samuel Garland, Jr. ; Twelfth Regiment Colonel D. A. Weisiger; Thirteenth Regiment, Colonel A. P. Hill; Fourteenth Regiment, Colonel J. G. Hodges; Fifteenth Regiment, Colonel T. P. August; Sixteenth Regiment, Colonel Charles A. Crump; Seventeenth Regiment, Colonel M. D. Corse; Eighteenth Regiment, Colonel R. E. Whiters. This number comprises those regiments which have already been formed and are now in the field or in garrison. Other regiments to be hereafter received into the service will be numbered as follows: Nineteenth Regiment Colonel P. St. G. Cocke; Twentieth Regiment, Colonel William Gilham; Twenty-first Regiment, Colonel Thomas J. Jackson; Twenty-second Regiment, Colonel C. Q. Tompkins; Twenty-third Regiment, Colonel William B. Taliaferro; Twenty-fourth Regiment Colonel Jubal A. Early; Twenty-fifth Regiment, Colonel George A. Porterfield; Twenty-sixth Regiment, Colonel R. E. Colston; Twenty-seventh Regiment, Colonel William W. Gordon; Twenty-eighth Regiment, Colonel Robert T. Preston; Twenty-ninth Regiment, Colonel John J. Coleman; Thirtieth Regiment, Colonel R. C. W. Radford; Thirty-first Regiment; Colonel William J. Willey; Thirty-second Regiment, Colonel L. Wilson, Thirty-third Regiment, Colonel j. B. Gibbons Thirty-fourth Regiment, Colonel J. W. Ware; Thirty fifth Regiment, Colonel Alfred Beckley; Thirty-sixth Regiment, Colonel A. T. Bledsoe. It is to be distinctly understood that this enumeration of regiments has no reference to the rank of the respective colonels that rank is alone established by date of commission.

By order of Major-General Lee: