War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0121 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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mounted and will be sufficient to prevent the pasasge of vessels. It will be necessary to station troops in Portsmouth with a field battery and some seige guns for its efectual protection. The next I went to Hatteras Inlet, where I found two guns mounted, and think it likely five more have been by this time and in a few days six more will be, making in all thirteen in this battery, to which will be added five more. I did not visit Oregon or New Inlet. Having been charged by General Orders, Numbers 2, with the defense of the northern portion of the coast, commencing at the mouth of New River, on the south, these points, as well as the whole coast, will receive my active attention. For the defense of the northern portionof the coast there will be required 5,000 men of all arms, infantry, rifles, cavalry, and artillery, to wit, two regiments of infantry, t wo of rifles, one of cavalry, and one of should at once be organized a corps of engineers an ordnance department, a quartermaster's and commissary departments. The sercie is now materially suffering from the want of such organizations. It is but just in concluding this account of my tour of inspection that I should here bear testimony to the earnest endeavors of the officers in charge at the several posts (with much success so far) to advance the service.

I have the honor to be, YOur Excellency's most obedient servant,


Brigadier-General State of North Carolina.


RICHMOND, May 30, 1861.

Governor F. W. PICKENS,

Charleston, S. C.,:

Order the three regiments to this city instead of Suffolk.

By command of the President:


Assistant Adjutant-General.




Richmond, Va., May 31, 1861.

I. Lieutenant Colonel A. C. Myers, Acting Quartermaster-General of the Army of the Confederate States, having arrived in this city, will by authorityof the President, enter at once upon the duties as chief of that department within this State.

II. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Heth, now in charge of the quartermaster's departemtn of the State of Virginia, is relieved from that tduty, and will turn over the funds and property for which he is accountable to the officer of that department who shall be designated by Lieutenant-Colonel Myers.

III. As soon as relieved from those duties Lieutenant-Colonel Heth will report in person to Colonel Gilham, by whom he will be assigned to duty with the Ffith Regiment of Virginia Volunteers.

IV. Lieutenant Colonel L. B. Northrop, of the Commissary-General's Department, C. S. Army, is by authority of the President, announcedas chief of that department, and will enter at once upon these duties in this city.

V. Colonel W. B. Blair, commissary-general of the State of Virginia, will turn over to Lieutenant-Colonel Northrop the bureau of subsistence,