War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0097 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC- CONFEDERATE.

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Staunton, Va., May 20, 1861.

Governor LETCHER:

MY DEAR SIR: I inclose your letters* from Lieutenant J. H. Chenowith, from Beverly, which convince me of the importance of re- enforcing the expediton tothe northwest, just starting from here under command of Colonel R. Turk, until it reahes Beverly, when he will report to Colonel Goff. If the three companies of cavalry, viz, Bath, Rockbridge, and G4eenbrier, can be armed, lieutenatn-Clonel Echols will send them out to join the expeditonas fastas they can be armed. I telegraphed the other day toknow if Ishould purchee the sixty duble- barrel shot- guns. Not getting an anser, I purchased them for the town of Staunton. I have directed Mr. Dodamead to purchase thirty more. Now, iof that State will take them, I can easily arrange to tget them. I also see from lietuenat Chenowith's letter that he states that General Lee had ordered that the 600 rifles should be delivered to ColonelPorterfield, at Grafton. My understanding, when I conferredwith Colonel Smith, was that wne he got to Richmond he would send up all the arms he could get, an arm the troops to be recruited ont eroute. You will see fromte letters of Colonels Turk and Christian and Captain Hull that troops enough willbe named before the expedition arrives at Begverly to take nearly all the arms sent, viz, 600 rifled srom Richmond and 400 muskets fromhere. I hope you willwrite me and indorse allt hat I have done, which would otehwise appear as if I was acting witthout authority, and Major-Geenal lee might censure me. Ihave ordered plain hunting shierts and caps to uniform the men recruited on the route, at a cost of less than $3 per man. Is it right thatI should send them out to the men! I would suggest that you call out 500 to 600 of our milita from the country, arm them with nuskets, and send them immediately tot he norhwest. In my judgment, the way to prevent a Union spirit from gaining gfround in that country is to re- enforce them, and that speeily. I am now having thelocks of all the muskets here taken off and put in complete order, as many fothem are gummed up and need oiling. Those we have had fixed work elegantly. It would not be miss to send 1,000 men from here and Rockbridge and Rockingham oft hemilitai, and arm them withmuskets. I am having cartidge- boxes and bayonet scabbards made for the muskets. If you have them at Richmond, write me Mby Mr. Getty andI wills top having them ade. Our people, on yu9ur requisiton, will cme immediately to your call. Do me the favor to write me fully by mr. Getty, and instuct me specially inregrd to all tese matters. I m no militay man, and I fear may take too much responsibilitya ndget myself into trouble.

Yours, veryrespectfully,



RICHMOND, May 21, 1861.


Norfolk, 21st.-= Stemare Monticello cmae uip agin to- day. Fired twice at Sewell's Point battery; was answered by guns large cliber, and drew off.




*Not found.