War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0094 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., eXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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by 10 o'clock Saturday mronign. The militai have just been drawing here, and we ordered inone- half the draft, and promised to receive them as volutneers, proveded they bring their own rifles, &c. In this way, to escape a eraft, we expect to raise from 100 to 200 rifleman to- morrow and others to follow afterward; splended solfiers for skirmishing and scouting duty. I will report to you again from Beverly as to the number of men. We made a raise this morning for ammunion, which we report as follws: We purchased, at the Baltimore cost, of Mr. Anderson, mercah t here, 6 kegs of rifle powder, F. F. G., B3atty & Du Pont's; 200 Ely's military caps for opercussion- muskers and minie rifles, 300 (about) flints.

Yours, inhaste,


P. S.- I mustered into service onyesteday Captianmooman's company, which will have 100 men. Mooman is a graduate of the FVirginia Military Institute, knows this country and people, and would make a good commander.


MONTEREY, May 17, 1861.

[Mjor HARMAN:]

DEAR MAJOR: We arrived her this evening in good order, no accident happening worthy of note. Highland is all enthusiasm, and our appearance, with the eforts of ordiannce men here, I think will have a good effect ont ewavering an those who had determined to vote against it. I am more convinced fothe propriety oft the expedition, and only regret that it had not started sooner. Had we been out two weeks ago the norhtwest wouldhave been all right. Captain Mooman's company is here; also CaptinHull's, numbering togetehr about 210 men and increasing yet. We have various rumors here as to the feeling (war I mean) fartehr out, one ofwhich, in regard to Bassell, of Upshur, was onctrdicted by his appearance here to- night. The report brought here by a genteleman from the oil wells was that Bassell had gone to pennsylvania for trops. The nearer we get to the border I suppose the report will vanish in thisn air. We start at 4 o'clock in the morning and go toe Hevener's where we expecvted to have reafhed to-night, but others than myself thought it would be better to remain here, and a friend informed us that grain would be furnished gratis, but it ran out befroe we got through with the cavalry horses, and there is not enough ehere to feed us that grain would be furnished gratis, but it ran out before we got throught with the cavalry horses, and there is not enough here to feed us in the morning. We will attend to the vboting part, and fight if necessary. We may commence at Beverly. I understantd Joseph A. Thompson is a black Regpublican, a ndhe is of no further use, and will do as well as any other person for an example. As we pass on I shall trouble you with a note. We expect to reach Beverly Monday night. I have not seen Chiristiona at all. He is in Franklin, and we expect im here to- night.

Yours, truly,



RICHMOND, May 18, 1861.


General Mansfield, commanding Washinton, issued order 17th, no express matter, inclusive letters, permitted heafter to cross Potomac. Northern mail due to- day not received.