War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0088 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA, EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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papers intended for the acting of the commanding general. Such papers must be addressed to the adjutant- general of the Virginia forces, be signed by the officers sending them, and be folded and indorsed as required by regulations.

II. All officers who have received appointments in the Virginia forces, and who have not yet received orders assigning them to duty by authority from this office, are required to report the fact as soon as practicable, stating the nature of their appointment and their address.

III. The attention of all officers serving in Virginia, of every grade, is urgently called tot he necessity of preventing any waste of the ammunition in the hands of the men. Frequent inspections of the cartridge- boxes will be made, an each man held strictly accountable for the cartridges issued to him, unless used in battle or by order.

IV. The attention of commanding officers is called to General orders, Numbers 4. of the 30th ultimo, requiring tri- monthly returns oft heir respective commands to be sent to this office. The information they contain is essential to a proper administration of the service.

V. Lieutenant Colonel John A. Washington, Virginia Volunteers, is announced to the troops serving in Virginia as aide- de- camp tot he commanding general.

By order of Major-General Lee:




RICHMOND, VA., May 13, 1861.

Colonel R. S. GARNETT,

Adjutant-General Virginia Forces, Richmond, Va.:

SIR: Since the date of my last communication a better disposition to volunteer in the service of the State has been evinced by citizens of the e counties of James City, York, and Warwick. By the end of the present week I hope to be able to report as mustered into service and doing camp duty five at least and probably six companies. Within the limits of these counties, and belonging to the One hundred and fifteenth and Sixty- eight Regiments, there will remain an available militia force of 300 men and as many more nearly exempt from militia duty willing to take up arms in any emergency. In Elizabeth City County the volunteers and militia number not less than 600 men. In the battalion to be mustered into service immediately there will be 400 men, so that with this battalion formed of the six companies mentioned above, a force numbering at least 1,200 could be raised. It must be remembered that these are raw- as much so as possible. It is true the volunteer companies, including the Juniper Guards of Williamsburg, and those of the county of Elizabeth City, have been drilled to a certain extent, yet their discipline is as imperfect as might be expected, and must remain so until they have been subjected tot he discipline and routine of a camp. As to the material, it is good as could be wished for. To arm the volunteer companies and the militia belonging to the counties of James City, York, and Warwick, 300 rifles or muskets are necessary. There ought to be also a battery of field pieces, the horses necessary for which can for the present be borrowed in the neighborhood. An order to the quartermaster's department for necessary stores to furnish a battalion of six companies is requested. If possible two or there cadets ought to be sent to Williamsburg, and if they can be obtained, a drummer, fifer, and bugler. The latter will be much needed. The musket cartridges ought by all means to contain buckshot. Allow