War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0086 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA., Chapter LXIII.

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other and, perhaps, more important duties I have not been able to prepare it, but will supply the omission at the earliest moment. My address will continue to be at these headquarters.


Major and Inspector- General.


RICHMOND, May 12, 1861.


Two Federal steamers anchored last night off Alexandria. portholes open, guns run out. Intended to prevent Virginia troops stopping provisions passing up Potomac. Captain Schaeffer has raised a new company of seventy Washingtonians for Virginia. Stated on authority officers of the United States captured in Texas, who were released on parole not to bear arms against Confederacy, will be required to renew obligations to Government on pain of dismissal. Secretary of the Interior determined to withhold from persons of seceded States benefit of pension and patent laws. Governor Ellis arrive at Richmond this evening. Eight hundred Missouri militia at Saint Louis, under command of General Frost, surrendered May 10 to Captain Lyon, U. S. Infantry. U. S. troops assaulted by mob with rocks. Troops fired on mob. Twenty persons killed, among them two women and several children. Surrender unconditional. Release on parole tendered officers, provided they would take oaths not to arm against United States. The men are prisoners of war. Brigadier- General Mansfield's command is at Washington. Guerrilla warfare in Marland. Squad of fifty fired on picket guard, Camp Butler. Guard returned fire. Twenty shots exchanged. Stock train bound for Baltimore seized at Harper's Ferry. Forty- nine cannon arrived at Harper's Ferry- Dahlgren and columbiads. Jersey volunteers threaten mutiny unless they get better food. Volunteers pillage stores in Washington. Stated Baltimore demonstration soon be made on Harper's Ferry. Troops and batteries ordered to that position. Federal Government and Maryland will demand evacuating Maryland Heights occupied by Confederate troops. Point of Rocks has been fortified by Confederate troops and other defiles leading to harper's Ferry. Winans' famous stem cannon presented to Confederate States and disguised as agricultural machine seized by Federal forces on its way to Harper's Ferry. Thirty thousand men and thirty- six pieces of cannon now at Washington. Troops continue to arrive there, 1,000 to 3,000 a day, many of them foreign extraction. A German regiment at Annapolis. Several regiments left Washington for Relay house, ultimate destination Harper's Ferry. Great Eastern arrived yesterday at Sandy hook. Rumored Governor has chartered her as transport. Total number of troops offered and accepted by Lincoln, 300,000. Captain Isaac Mayo, U. S . Navy, resigned. Four hundred regulars, cavalry, not mounted, arrived in Washington from Carlisle Barracks. General Lee published yesterday in general order your authority to command Confederate troops. Seward said last Sunday to a gentleman who assumed hm of determined feeling in New York to sustain Government, and that energetic action was expected of Government, that he people should not be disappointed; they would be satisfied with what would take place in a few days. Newspapers, cotton districts in England, favor recognition of Confederate States. Lincoln, by general order, directs all officers of the Army to take a new oath of allegiance, according to the Tenth Article of War. Thirty- three counties of Western Virginia