War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0076 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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Colonel R. S. GARNETT, Adjutant-General:

SIR: I received to- day a letter from General Lee, requiring me to repair to Lynchburg to take command of the volunteers to be mustered into the service of the State at that place. I will do so on Monday next, as that will be the earliest day I can leave. You showed me a list of the companies to be called for rom this quarter of the State, and if I recollect aright there were to be two companies of cavalry and one of artillery from this county. There is already organized and ready to march one company of cavalry and one company of infantry, and a company of artillery is now being organized. The company of cavalry is upward of eighty strong, and is commanded by Captain Giles W. B. Hale. The company of infantry is about 100 strong, and is commanded by Captain Joseph A. Hambrick, a graduate of the Military Institute. Captain Hambrick has received an appointment as second lieutenant in the Provisional Army, but he prefers going into service with this company of volunteers. Neither company is armed, and it would be inconvenient to send arms to this county. The companies raised in this county had better be armed in Lynchburg. It would be a matter of great difficulty to raise for service two companies of cavalry in this county for want of suitable horses. I would therefore suggest that one company of infantry be taken fro this county in place of cavalry company. The company of artillery will be commanded by Thomas G. Taylor, a graduate of the institute. The old volunteer companies in this county are not properly organized, and the only companies which will be fit for service are those organized of the occasion*

Very respectfully,


Colonel of Volunteers.



Major General ROBERT E. LEE, Commanding, &c.:

SIR: I received at noon to- day your order+ authorizing me to

call for two regiments of infantry and rifle volunteer companies. The order was received by me at my home in Monroe County, and I have ordered out one infantry company from Monroe County, two rifle companies from this county, and three companies from Allegheny County, which will reach Staunton on the 15th instant. I have also dispatched orders to the colonels of regiments in the counties of Pendleton, Bath, Highland, and Pocahontas, instructing them to order any volunteer infantry or rifle companies in their county to report to me at Staunton on the 15th. I shall reach Staunton on that day with the troops from Greenbrier, Monroe, and Allegheny, that being the earliest day upon which I can get transportation. As soon as I reach Staunton I will order out a sufficient number of additional companies from Augusta and Rockbridge to make up the two regiments. I would suggest the propriety of having drill officers in Staunton to instruct these troops, many of whom are entirely raw. I have instructed some of the companies of mountain men to bring with them their country rifles. Upon my arrival in Staunton I will report to you the number of troops reported and mustered into service, their arms, condition, &c.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,


Lieutenant- Colonel of Volunteers.


*For reply of Garnett, see VOL. II, p. 835.

+See VOL. III, p. 808.