War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0072 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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upon satisfactory evidence that the alleged quantity was seized. The council further advise that nothing be paid for the detention fot he boat, they havieng adivsed full compensationforthe grain without deduction for transportation and tolls.

The Governor laid before the counckil a communication fro Warren Winslow, aide- de- camp to the Governor of North Carolina, asking for the Governor of that State ordannce and machinery for the manufacture of small- arms, offering also, if it is desired to remove any guns from the navy- yard to a safe locality, to take care of them at Weldon: Advised unanimously that the Governor supply the Governor of North Calolina with fity pieces of heavy ordnance 32-pounders, with shot and shelltocorrespond. With regard to the machinery, as no report has beenmade of what may be at the command of the State, it is advised that any actionon this point be postponed for the present. It is alo advised that the kind offer of the Governor of orth Carolina for the safe- keeping of the guns at the navy- yard be availed of if necessary.

A certificate from General Lee that e ad received from Messrs. Allen and Montague (of the council) $50 needed as an advance by Mr. Rose, the agent designed to be sent to New York for a cap machine: Advised (Messrs. Allen and Montague not acting) that the Governor refund to Judge Allen and Lieutenant- Governor Montague the sumof $50 advanced by the m to meet the expenses of Mr. Rose.

The Governor nominted Cadet John Taliaferro, late of West Point Academy, for second lieutenant in the Provisional Army: Advised unanimously that the nomination of Cadet Taliaferro as second lieutentn be confirmed, and that his rank be made to correspond with his class rank at West Point.

The council unaniously advise that the Governor issue an order to Major-General Lee to assume the command of all volunteer or other forces from other States who have or may hereafter report to him or tender their services to the State of Virtinia until orders are received romt he President of the Confederate States in reference to the same. A report was laid before the council froM S. Barron, fcaptain in cahrge of the Virginia navy, referring the statement of the officers charged with the srvey of the steamer Norhampton to the general- in-c hief. The price at which the st4eamer can bne purcahsed is stated by CaptainBarron to be $50,000: Advised unanimously that he Goveror by requested to select some competent and disinterested party to purcahse the steamer Norhampton forthe service of the Staete if she can be bought at a reasonable price; otherwise to have her appraised and let the appraisers make a report thereon.

A communicatin fro Colonel P. T. Moore (from camp at Fair Grounds) to General Lee relative to staff appointments in his reitgmnt was brought in before the council: Advised unanimosly that the only staff officer authorized to be appointed by the colonel of the regiment is an adjutant, to be taken out of the line. Under the ordiancnce of convention, surgeons and assistant surgeons, quartemaster, co, issries, and paymasters are required to be appointed by the Governor. The staff apppintments of Colonel Moore's regiment are vacated under this ordinance.

* * * *

The following adivce was given by the council uponoccasion of orders issued from Fredercksubrg by Colonel (then Brigadier-General) Ruggles, making various stff appointments. The orders and the advice were mislaid at the time, and it cannot now be exactly ascertained