War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0069 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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Lee has just sent forty-five men and two 9-inch guns. Ordered 1,000 men and four additional guns. Nothing to prevent Richmond being reached by water.



RIECHMOND, May 6, 1861.

(Received 1.30 p. m.)


Letcher at Norfolk. Expected back to- day. IOn his absence dispatch received at Executive office from reliabel source stating Scott had issued onSturday orders for taking Arlingon Heights, but afterwards postponed. James Riverentirely unpotected. Federal vessels chase and fire on our stemaers to within twlve miles of Gloucester Point, so Governor's private sercretary ifnforms me. Hunter left this mornign for Montgomery, Brockenbrough yesterday. Rives reported to have said he accepted, hoping for reconstruciton. Will not now go to Montgomery.



MONDAY, may 6, 1861.*

Present, John J. Allen, president; M. F. Maury, and R. L. Montague. in the absence of the Governor from the city a communicatin from Lewis E. harive, president of the Richmond and Danville Railroad Company, addressed to the Governor and ocuncil, was taken up and considered. Mr. HJarvie strtes that on Friday morning the sent a dispatch from Amelia Court- House to Mr. Talcott, sperintendent of the road, directing him to go to General Lee and offer himany or all of the roliing- stock and motive power of the compay to remove the ordnance fromthenavy- yard at Norfolk to the interior, considering it inimminent danger; that he neither mentined nor thought of compensation, but understanding that the offer was not accepted, prbably fromthebelief that the trsportation would be charged for, he now renews the offer to the State, with the assurance that in what he considers so important a measure he will make no charge for the service if his offer is accepted. Whereupon the council advise that he offer of Mr. Harive be accepted, and that orders be immediately given to remove so much of the ordnance from the navy- yard at Norfolk as may not be necessary to be retained for the defense of the navy- yard and Norfolk and Portsmouth to safe points in the interior.





RICHMOND, VA., May 7, 1861.


General Johnston sick. I cannot be spared. Senator Hunter, on the way to Montgomery, is fully informed of plans and water defenses at norfolk. Sufficient land defenses in progress. Troops sufficient, uninstructd; officers new. My commission in Virginia satisfactory to me.


R. E. LEE.


*From proceedings of the Adisory Council of the State of Virginia.