War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0066 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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saved her. I learn General Lee is trobled about rank, while Bonham and Beauregard are willing to serve under him. president Davis' presence is ardently desired by troops and whole people. Scott has ordered Wool back to Toy in brief, sharp, snubbing letter, requesting him not to interfere with th4 orders of Geneal- in- Chief. Senator Hunter hleaves for Montgomery to- morrow, and, I believe, holds the same views resepcting affairs here indicated in this dispatch. Dispach just received (9.30 p. m.) from Alexandria says it is expected that city will be occupied by Federal trooops to- morrow via Long Bridge.



HARPER'S FERRY, may 5, 1861.

[Honorable L. P. WALKER:]

SIR: I have ht honor to report that 480 Kentuckians, under my command, have reached here. There are only six companies with me, but I expect there more about the 8th, probably of 100 men each, and the remaining company should be here by the last of the week. Some four other companies are orgainizing inKentucky and desire to be attached to my command, and I have directed them to come ion as soon as they are ready, and I would see that a proper dispositon was made of them. They desire to be under my command, and I wish very much that you would accord that privilege if not in violation of your regualtions. Having failed to get any response from G. W. Smith, whom I desired to take command, and my men being unwilling to serve under any other person thatn him or muself, you can give me the commission as colonel. The gentleman selected for major has not yet arrived, but I will make arangements here to get good Virginia officers to act etemporarily as major and lieutenant- colonel, and if COlonle Smith should within any short period signify his willingness to come to us I will resign and take the position of leituenant colonel. There being no muster- rolls or directions in regard to mustering in my men, I will delay sending you the names of officers and their muster- rolls, and that will allow the stragglers left at various points time to reahc here. My command would nuimber about 510 if all were with me who started. Though I have, perhaps, moved off from Kentucky without express orders from your Department, I presume that you acquiesced int the movement, or you would have telegraphed to me not to come here when apprised of my intentins. The moral effect of our presence has been magnificent, and our trip through East Tennessee and Virginia was marked with the utmost enthusiasm. Every railroad statin had an assemblage, and we were greeted with kindenss and shouts of welcome. That my men will do good service it is scarcely necessary for me to assert.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully,




General R. E. LEE,

Commander of the Military Forces of Virginia, Richlmond, Va.:

DEAR SIR; I had the honor of your acquaintance in your youth, and I am sure you will reocgnize me in my old age. I beg, therfore, most respectuflly, toask your attention, as the commnader- in- chief of the military forces of Virginia, to the condition of things on this exposed


*For reply, see Washington to Mason, VOL. II, p. 815.